The Best Electric Unicycles 2022 – Consumer Reports

A new experience with fun riding is met with one-wheel self-balancing scooter or unicycle. With widespread popularity in the West, now this trend has gone worldwide. No matter where you are, either from the Europe, America, or Asia, enjoy these fun toys now by online shopping. And, these are the 10 best electric unicycles for your options.

10. Z ZTDM Waterproof Monocycle Self-balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter Balance Scooter


Z ZTDM is a waterproof single-wheel balancing scooter which has 36-centimeter diameter. With a great technology design, it can run in 10-centimeter water. Moreover, its power is able to run on the 45-dgree slope land. Created in aluminum, it is well polished in black. You will have a full battery life within one hour, and it uses 350 watts power to run up to 20 kilometers. Notably, this balancing scooter can be connected to Bluetooth and has many more functions.

9. Hot + Training Wheel Waterproof Adult Single Wheel Smart Self Bicycleself Balancing Scooter


For first riders, it can be a good start with this single-wheel balancing scooter. This balancing scooter is able to travel up to 18 kilometers per hour, and bears the heavy weight of 119 kilograms. Moreover, it has been equipped with many features. One of that is the beautiful design in blue color. It is very durable to run in the water. Also, it uses the most revolutionary Samsung Lithium Battery, and of course, you will find it easy and fast to have a complete full battery charge. Finally, it is called a multi-protection. For that, check out more about this product.

8. MonoRover R4 Electric Portable Foldable Two Wheels Bike Scooter


MonoRover R4 is creatively made with Bluetooth connection and loud speakers that entertain you while you are traveling. This scooter also has multi protections for you. Those include the low-battery alert, speed control and tilting reaction. This advanced product has a capacity to run 18 kilometers per hour depending on your weights. Furthermore, it is equipped with Samsung Lithium Battery that uses 500 watts to run. You don’t have to worry because you will have a full battery charge within one hour. Why don’t you enjoy this portable toy?

7. IPS Happy Halloween FBA 1000W 340wh/40km 260wh/30km 16 Inch Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter


IPS is a very well-known self-balancing scooter, and here comes the single-wheel scooter. You can enjoy its powerful battery that uses 260 watts. This toy will provide you a lot of fun by riding it to meet your friends or go to school. IPS also has a uniquely beautiful body and color design among other balancing scooters. And more than that, it is a good-quality product that is durable for long-time use.

6. Self Balancing One Wheel Electric Scooter with U.S. Charger


This is among the best unicycles from the USA. Now you can enjoy this transporter at 14 miles per hour. Within a short-hour charge, it can travel you to meet friends and to go shopping. It is very small and easy to bring along with you. Moreover, its price is reasonable. With advanced technology, this self-balancing scooter is safe to use. It doesn’t harm you since it’s environment free. You can buy it together with its beautiful bag.

5. HEEL-TG Self Balancing Scooter Electric Unicycle Scooters with LED Light and Bluetooth Speaker 264WH


A rare self-balancing unicycle with led lights is now brought by Heel-TG. This toy is very easy to use by spending a short time to charge it, and it will travel you to 18 kilometers. That’s long enough for you to travel to school and meet your friends. Don’t worry if your weight is above 80 kilograms because this scooter is very durable, and it can load up to 120 kilograms. More than that, you can play your favorite music from your smartphone by using Bluetooth connection. That’s how cool TG-F5 brings to you. My tip is you can put it in your bag.

4. Fotowelt X30 Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter with Mini Bike Pump and Training Wheels


Using color black and red, Fotowelt X30 becomes an exclusive self-balancing unicycle type for you. By using an advanced Sumsung lithium battery, its running survives for long hours, and indeed it reaches 18 kilometers per hour depending on your weight. X30 has been designed with a unique style, very updated for adults. Also, you can travel in water as it is waterproof transporter. Even you are the beginner rider, choosing X30 will not disappoint you.

3. Fotowelt Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter 60v-174wh with LED Light and Training Wheels


Another kind from Fotowelt just shares nearly the same beautiful design with the previous model. However, this time it comes with led light which can travel you at night. Like the previous model, this one can run from 18 to 20 kilometers depending on weight. Moreover, it uses Sumsung Lithium battery which is very durable and offers long-hour running for riders. For the slope running, it works with 20 degrees. If the land condition is not rough, this unicycle runs very smoothly. Oh, this is also another waterproof.

2. One-wheel Self-balancing Scooter Ninebot One E+ Unicycle Free Shipping


It’s nearly five star rating from Ninebot One. The best feature of it is the fast speed up to 22 kilometers per hour, but that depends on weights of rider. This model is completely white design. You can put it in the bag and enjoy your fun any time. This self-balancing scooter also uses 120 watts to travel you. It is a recommended product for beginner rider. Riders will find the stand with protective grip.

1. Airwheel X3 Upgrade Self Balance Electric Unicycle Scooter, Black


Last but not least, Airwheel X3 is revealed for whom is seeking a powerful runner. Weighing 9.8 kilograms in black design, this X3’s function is very smart. If you are the first learner, you will find that the forward and backward positions will be stopped automatically by AirWheel until the vertical position is made again. There are for led indicators that represent the life of its battery. These indications allow you to know this unicycle’s power while traveling.

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