The Best Wood Burning Stove 2022 – Consumer Reports

By some seasons, you may want to have a wood burning stove in your room to warm the stay. With varieties of stove’s capacity, you should choose one which fits your room, at least not too hot to warm the room. Many of them are actually available to find on the market. However, in this, our team has selected the best wood burning stove choices for your consideration. This list will help you find your favorite one quick and easier.

10. Wood Burning Cook Stove La Nordica “Rosa Maiolica Bordeaux”


La Nordica is a two set design for heating and cooking from Italy. This stove can be placed in the living to heat the space. Though, it cannot be completely used as a heater in a wide room, La Nordica can be surely used to cook indoor. The cooking part is designed on the top with a baking oven. Perfectly formed in iron, both plate and rings are therefore durable and safe. Moreover, the stove includes the Maiolica mode at the sides.

9. US Stove 2421 Cast Iron Large Logwood Stove


Having a strong stand, this stove is formed ideally with iron frame. Stove 2421 are, thus, very durable, especially its heavy weight makes your cooking easy without shaking. Moreover, the two built-in handles are your ease for cooking. You will also find the two top lids very useful that they can protect things coming it, and you just cover the stove with them. Another feature is the additional constructed damper. With an affordable, beautiful, and trustable stove, this stove is a good choice.

8. WoodPro Wood Stove – 90,000 BTU, EPA-Certified, Model# WS-TS-2000


WoodPro Stove has been made in a big square window which can store much wood for long burning. Exactly, this stove is able to heat the room up to 10 hours with one-time wood load. With wide frame and the 100 CFM heat blower, the heat produced can reach to 2000 square feet. This is a strong capacity, more than enough to heat the living room. What’s more is the huge constructed window that allows you to see a clear fire while burning.

7. US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove, Medium


Aazingly, this US Stove 2000 has got such name because it extend heat up to 2000 square feet, more than enough for a room. Moreover, it’s also a verified with EPS for the best stove. This stove is actually a medium size design, but it can store 21 logs, and keep long-hour burning. With the constructed ash drawer, you find it easy to remove the ash and add more logs. More importantly, the heat blower pushes heat very effectively in the room.

6. Vogelzang BX42E Boxwood Deluxe Cast Iron Wood-Burning Stove


In a very sleek black design, Vogelzang BX42E is made of iron which is durable with fire. The stove’s size can be used with up to 27 logs for good cooking. With is lid, you can remove and cover the stove easily after cooking. On top of that, it has got a rotating draft which can control fire effectively. And the ash can be removed from the stove with a slide damper, which can also be used as a draft control. For further information, you can check more information about this stove.

5. US Stove 3000 Extra Large EPA Certified Wood Stove


This is US Stove 3000 which has been verified with EPA as the best burning stove. This also includes the beautiful design window. Made to be a hardwearing material, this stove is casted with a flue on the top. It uses silent 150 CFM blower to spread the heat widely in the room. More than that, Stove 30000 is created to ensure easy mobilization. No doubt, this stove creates long-hour fire and heat effectively.

4. Vogelzang BX22EL Lil Sweetie Cast Iron Stove


Another heavy-duty stove has been crafted by Vogelzang. Known as BX22EL, this stove has many features. With norm design like other stoves, this model has an enclose duct to do a good job with heat transfer. It is able to store 20-inch log, a constructed damper, and a six-inch flue. You will also find a handle to ease your touch to the stove. This type of stove burns and transmits heat efficiently in a bedroom and a living room.

3. WoodPro Wood Stove – 68,000 BTU, EPA-Certified, Model# WS-TS-1500


This is called WoodPro, the top rated stove which received EPA acknowledgment. The capacity to product heat, reaching 1000 square feet is not exaggerated because it uses 100 CFM blower to powerfully transmit the heat widely. With a beautiful framed window design, you can see the fire from a far sight. Notably, this stove’s burning survives up to 8 hours in one load. Don’t miss such professional stove for your family’s warm.

1. Pleasant Hearth 2,200 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove, Large


The final wood burning stove comes with a capacity to transfer heat in 2,200 square feet in the room and survive the heat up to 10 hours in one loaded logs. This is because its heat blower uses seasonal cord wood. It also has a six-inch flue. This popular stove has been verified by EPA, tested by Omni, approved by Washington State in the USA. Its deep length can store 20-inch logs. There are much more about this stove. Check it out for other features.

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