The Best Weight Distribution Hitch 2022 – Consumer Reports

Actually, not many weight distribution hitches are available on the market. However, the tool is extremely important that you have to need one if your work involves that. Still, a few of the available ones are best in quality and design. According to our reviews on their quality and durability, these are the best weight distribution hitch recommendations which all of them are extremely popular.

9. BXW0750


The BXW0750 is manufactured by the Blue O Company. This weight distributing hitch is around 750lb, which could distribute weight over the axels of the tow vehicles. Additionally, it stabilizes and controls the trailer well. With its pre-adjusted hitch head, it is not necessary to have the fine-tuning. This weight distributing hitch prevents sway with its spring steel construction for better and softer ride. It will be operated without noise and backed up without disconnecting. It is easy for the set up, and who would say female cannot handle this? Women now could also operate it well as it is so convenient.

8. Hitch 17322


The 17322 Weight Distributing hitch is a complete kit designed by CURT Manufacturing that provides super convenient set. The kits contain a sway bar, chains pre-assembled to spring bars, and a pre-torqued trailer ball. These are constructed to match with 2″ x 2″ receiver tube opening. More than that, it also comes with two turn-on bar hitches and two round bar hitches. The gross trailer weight capacities could be up to 8,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds, or 10,000 pounds to 14,000 pounds. Additionally, the installment is so easy. You now could lift your trailer with zero sway.

7. Hitch 30849


This weight distributing hitch model 30849 is the product line of Husky that offers great sway control. It provides an even weight distributing over the entire length of tow trailer or vehicle. Consequently, with it, you could have a more level ride with greater stability and control, better braking and no scratch on your beloved vehicles. Additionally, it also enriches the towing capacity. On the other hand, it is made of black polyester coated with rust resistant. The lift brackets ensure easy and safe hitch hook-up. Plus, the weight distributing hitch is rated up to 1,200 pounds with gross trailer weight of 12,000 pounds.

6. CURT 17007


The weight distributing hitch from CURT is a specialized towing system which offers vehicles and trailer control improvement. Moreover, it helps to leveling the trailer and evenly distribute its weight across vehicles’ axles. This CURT weight distributing is normally used on the RVs; however, it could be applied to other large loads as well. Additionally, this tool could be the best in providing safety as it is done by equalizing the tongue weight more evenly. CURT designed the steel spring bars in order to lift up the back end of the vehicles.

5. Hitch #3350


Equipped with modern materials, innovation and technology, the #3340 weight distribution hitch from Andersen is designed to offer unparalleled sway control with its self-adjusts feature. It has a universal frame brackets and an easy pin removal from the tow vehicles. It is one of the most effective tools which generate the quietest and simplest weight distributing hitch that you need to have nowadays. Andersen is claimed to be the first that enable trailers owners the best anti-sway option in the industry. Come with the only true Motion-Damping system, it helps you to have a smooth and even ride along the way.

4. Equal-i-zer Hitch


This weight distributing hitch from Equal-i-zer would be the most superior hitch because of its four point sway control. Unlike other weight distributing hitch, it is manufactured with none sway bars used. As a result, there is no drilling or tapping for setting up the installment. It is so quick and easy. The Equalizer hitch is known as the leader in integrated sway control. Furthermore, there are five available sizes to operate with most of towing requirements. With its sturdy and firm materials made, it will help you to have a quiet and safe ride along the way.

3. Andersen 3380


The Andersen 3380 weight distributing hitch has a self-adjusted sway control, operating in the quietest manner. It is equipped with The True Motion- Dampening TM system that extremely decreases the bounce. In addition, the pin removal from tow vehicle is offered for the convenient setup or installing. This hitch has no problem backing up your vehicles and transports it safe to its final destination. Meanwhile, you are going to have the smooth and silent ride. Importantly, zero sway and zero bounce is guaranteed.

2. Hitch 48054


This Elite bent bar weight distributing hitch by Eaz-lift is one of the leading hitches in the industry. With its high quality steels for the life’s journey, this hitch is made of premium steels which offer you a convenient in towing your car, trailer or truck. To be specific, the package includes adjustable ball mount. Moreover, the hitch is operated with a positive latching action with the adjusted clips and bolt package. Moreover, five years warranty is given.

1. Hitch 48058


From the same company of Eaz-Lift, this 48058 elite weight distributing hitch is an effective hitch for towing your luxury. It comes with pre-installed hitch ball and control ball, along with the U-bolt and chain package. On the other hand, the hitch could move trailer’s tongue weight to the front axle and rear trailer axle. It offers multiples features to fit with your towing setup. Additionally, the bent bar weight distributing hitch comes with the adjustable ball mount and shank which generate the even and smooth ride through its interchangeable bars.

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