The Best Travel Mug Review 2022 – Consumer Reports

Travel mugs are commonly used by every kind of people because it can maintain cold and hot water for long hours. Some people always want to have hot water with them while they are traveling to some places they find it hard to access to hot water. Some parents prefer to have travel mug for their kids at schools because they believe their kids can have safe drinking water from home. These days, best travel mug are being used for such different purposes.

10. Cozyna 16oz Coffee Travel Mug


Are you seeking a mug to store cold and hot water while you are on the way? This is Cozyna, which comes in a twin beautiful pink and silver color. Buying only one time to get the two top-quality mug is brought to you only by Cozyna. This mug is made of thermos bottle to keep hot and cold water for long hours, and it is carefully designed to prevent water leak. Having a Cozyna with you is your updated style.

9. Contigo SnapSeal Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug


Contigo is designed with stainless steel and rubber for firm holding, very comfortable to be used in one hand. This mug can be used anywhere at school or at work when you want to enjoy your both hot and cold water. Or course, you can use Contigo with any kind of water because of its stainless steel. Most importantly, it can store hot water up to 12 hours. The lid is well invented to be waterproof.

8. Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug


Contigo has also made another beautiful black-color design for traveling mug. This time, the mug’s design is very creative and stylish, especially the lid comes with a lock just to protect unbuttoning. This mug is also made from stainless steel to keep hot and cold water up to 12 hours, and its size allows you to easily place it in a bag. When you want to clean the inside part, the lid can be easily removed from the main mug body so as to clean the deep hole of the mug very neatly.

7. Zojirushi SM-KHE48BA Stainless Steel Mug


Just like the previous mug, Zojirushi comes with even beautiful black color with polished steel finish. The best feature of it is the concentration of sanitary when storing cold and hot water during the long hours. On top of that, the mug has got a new concept design in shape while its big mouth is an evidence of storing capability. The lid can prevent water coming out easily because Sojirushi is installed with locking button.

6. Thermos Stainless Steel King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler


This mug comes in a little bit strange but attractive shape. Its best feature is the material used from thermos stainless steel both inside and outside of the mug. It can store hot and cold water of maximum 16 ounce for long hours, with locking system for drinking and a system for preventing water coming out. The mug is made with big mouth on the top but smaller bottom. This shape allows a man to grip its body well.

5. OXO Good Grips Double Wall Travel Mug


Another traveling mug product which has been widely supported is Oxo, the twin mug of two different sizes. Coming in blue, Oxo has a lovely body design and has the capacity to prevent leaking water out completely. You can keep the mug upside down or keep it in any position because this traveling mug’s lid is closely made to cover the mouth. It can store hot and cold water up to 12 hours.

4. Contigo Autoseal Bella Double Wall Insulated 2-Pack Travel Mug, 14-Ounce


This is Contigo handsome and beautiful mugs whose color black is suitable for man’s style while the raspberry color deserves woman’s belonging. The double mugs are specially designed to protect water coming in and out the because of its so called autoseal lid. Most importantly, the material itself is made from plastic in polished finish, and it is comfortable for holding in one hand.

3. Contigo SnapSeal Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 16-Ounce


Contigo in violet color has a stainless steel material and friendly rubber for comfortable grip. The mug is able to store hot and cold water up to 12 hours and prevents water leaking out and infiltrating in very accurately. If you look at its design, this beautiful mug design can be used for sports and stored in the car. The lid is also equipped with locking button and is easy to be removed for cleaning.

2. CamelBak Forge 12oz Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug


First of all, CamelBak has an attractive body in black. It has got the material cover of stainless steel which is well finished. The lid has an automatic button for controlling the drinking water. Be satisfied with the cap because it is able to prevent water coming in and out. This kind of product is highly recommended for sport persons. Of course, hot and cold water can will remain their quality up to more than 4 hours.

1. Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Open-Access Lid

Best Travel Mug

West Loop gets its name from real design in a stunning look. It looks perfect from its outside beauty to abstract quality. One of its amazing features is the long-hour maintenance of cold and hot water quality to 20 hours. West Loop has a long body finished in stainless steel with a high safety cap to prevent leaking and spilling water. It’s very easy to be held in one hand when one starts drinking. Just press the button and sip the water and release the button to prevent the water coming out.

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