The Best Towable Tubes 2022 – Consumer Reports

There are indeed many equipments and toys you can play with at the beach. However, for those people who like to surf or slice along the water, a decent towable tube is definitely a must-have gear. Towable tube can provide a very fun and enjoying experience at the sea. As such, below list will present ten of the best towable tubes that can be found on the market right now.

10. AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube


The tenth best towable tube on this top review list goes to the AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube from Airhead. This particular towable tube is designed with great quality materials which made for the best durability. With its decent build construction, this tube can last very long in terms of the airflow, thus allowing for a very pleasant fun. With this 58 inch diameter towable tube, you can slice up the water very easily.

9. Towable V-TUBE Inflatable


Standing at number nine of the list is the Towable V-TUBE Inflatable from Typhoon Sports. Very nice and study in terms of its build structure, this inflatable towable tube can bring a really nice and fun experience on your next holidays. It features a solid PVC bladder covered by a double stitched nylon cover that ensures maximum durability and protection against air outflow. Thanks to its Boston valve technology, this tube can be inflated or deflated very fast.

8. AIRHEAD AHMX-V2 Matrix Towable


The AHMX-V2 Matrix Towable from Airhead is also another decent choice to go for should you are looking for the best towable tube for the money. It has a blue feat yellow design that looks so sleek and attractive. The front part of this tube is intentionally designed to be thicker than the back as to ensure no submarining happens. The back part is thin which is ideal for the users to climb on from the water.

7. AIRHEAD AHSSL-1 Super Slice Towable


Another decent model of towable tube from Airhead has also made its place in this top review list at number seven. It is the AIRHEAD AHSSL-1 Super Slice Towable. The overall build structure of this tube is very spot on as it ensures a great performance and durability for the users. The design is also very sleek and stylish which is very suitable for your next beach trip.

6. Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable


Ranked at number six of this list is the also another product from Airhead, that is the Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable. The white, red and yellow design of this towable tube, along with the “BLAST” logo on this tube, makes it so attractive and stylish compared to other standard models. This tube is also equipped with up to four decent handles wrapped by nylon that allows for a great maneuvering performance.

5. SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable


The 53-2223 Super Mable Towable from Sportsstuff is also very sleek and stylish in terms of its build design. Particularly, this towable tube comes with two riding options, thanks to its front and back tow points that allow for two different riding experiences. Moreover, this tube also features a so-called speed safety valve that allows the users to safely enjoy quick inflation and deflation performance.

4. AIRHEAD HD-3 Hot Dog Towable


Standing at number four of this top review list is also another product from Airhead, i.e. the AIRHEAD HD-3 Hot Dog Towable. The hot dog alike build construction design of this towable tube has already made it so popular amongst the users. However, performance wise, this towable tube from Airhead is also very decent. It has a long and roomy design that can accommodate up to three riders, which is indeed a very special feature to have.

3. SPORTSSTUFF 53-1126 Outlaw Towable


The third best towable tube on the market out there goes to the SPORTSSTUFF 53-1126 Outlaw Towable. This tube comes with a really nice build design, including especially the heavy duty PVC bladder and partial nylon cover. For that, this towable tube can be very smooth and solid on the water, and therefore allowing for a pleasant experience and maximum durability.

2. AIRHEAD AHGF-3 G-Force Inflatable Towable


Ranked second of this top review list is also another towable tube from Airhead. It is indeed the AIRHEAD AHGF-3 G-Force Inflatable Towable that the majority of consumers tend to opt for. Perfect for users at all ages, this towable tube is made with top quality materials and designed with high end performance based structure, which overall allow for a very fun and relaxing experience.

1. AIRHEAD AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable


Topping the list at number one, the best of the best towable tube on the market goes to the AIRHEAD AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable. Specially designed for two riders, this particular towable tube is thus a perfectly ideal choice for couples. It is designed with premium materials with high quality components that guarantees the best possible riding experiences. The cockpit tube design of this towable tube is also very important as it ensures the safety for any young riders.

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