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Tennis is another great sport, and many people like it. Finding the best tennis racket, and everyone can enjoy the game. Either you have played that for long or want to have some try, you may be looking for a good tennis racket. Indeed, this post will feature the 10 best tennis rackets for your reviews. You could check and scan through them one bye one, and you will find your favorite one in the list. These are also very popular among the players.

10. Street Tennis Racket


This is a Tennis racket specially designed for kids and beginners. As the right sport for children will shape their attitude toward sports for the rest of their lives, this is the best one to create tremendous fun for kids aged for 5 to 8 years old. Additionally, it offers a high quality of repetition which resulted in higher level of performance. Moreover, it is lightweight and have the handles which are so easy to hold for kids.

9. Prestrung Tennis Racquets


It has been designed to look similar to the Swiss Army Knife which is a tool that could be used in any situation. For the intermediate or low level advanced players, this is a racquet that provides a blend of control and power. Furthermore, with easy handles, you could swing comfortably. Specifically, this racquet uses Liquidmetal technology of patented alloy that is twice as strong as titanium. On the other hand, it will not deform even if put under pressure.

8. Hyper Hammer


This 5.4 strung tennis racket by Wilson is ideally designed for beginner till intermediate players with moderate swing. Its larger head size adds extra sweet spot that increase more power. Additionally, this rackets has the Ultra Synthetic Gut Control for better control and long lasting quality. Meanwhile, the Hyper Carbon is featured to ensure performance all around the court, ranging from baseline to net. Get the Hyper Hammer for classic design with great power now!

7. Ti S5


For the beginning to intermediate players, Ti S5 Tennis rackets would be the best one for you. The Head Comfort Zone technology offers good sweetspot that is convenient for your arms, not to put so much energy for a good swing. Additionally, the open string structure would enhance further sweetspot without giving all control. The new patented, Comfort Zone, is made of a hard and soft materials for string vibration reduction (up to 25%).

6. Federer Adult Racket


Federer Adult Racket has a power strings that would enhance your power swing. Even more, the perforated grip will offers cool comforts while you are playing. In addition, the Arc technology is for extra stability and more control. Specifically, the stop shock pads are designed for vibration reduction for greater control. Moreover, with 3 points head light, this racket would balance the strung. You now can call your besties for the greatest tennis match, and you could win the champion with this racket.

5. Wilson Energy Racquet


The Energy racquet of Wilson claims to add extra energy to the performer. The V-Matrix technology with V-lock Bridge creates sweet spot for additional power for off-centered hits. For additional power, this racquet composed of stop shock sleeves, enlarged head and power string. On the other hand, the string pattern is so consistently tight and solid. Moreover, the handle is easy to grip and to swing. This is suitable for beginner (a slow swing speed player).

4. Ti S6


The Ti.S6 tennis racquet from Head composed of graphite and titanium. These materials are claimed to be long lasting. While titanium produces a light weight racket, the graphite offers great feeling while you are on the field. The control from the baseline is better than other rackets. The handles are so easy to hold, producing a good swing with less effort. Furthermore, this is rated best for the slower swing either most beginners to intermediate players. Let’s bring it on with these amazing Ti S6 racket.

3. Liquidmetal 8


For the Head Liquidmetal line, this 8 is the most powerful one. It is so popular among tennis players for not only its lightweight, but also for its forgiving sweetspot. In addition, this Liquidmetal 8 is ideal for beginner to intermediate players. Therefore, if you are a slow to moderate swing players, this is the large sweetspot for you. On the other hand, there is a string pattern that could increase spin and size of the sweet spot. In addition, there is NoShox handle that perform to reduce vibration by 27 percent without dampening your feeling.

2. Open Junior


From Wilson, this US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is designed for kids and their partners. With its lightweight and perfect size for kids, this tennis racquet gains so much popularity among parents. This is the best racket for children at the age from 5 to 10 years old. Made with aluminum, the strung balance is 2 points head light. The string pattern is firm which your children could swing without putting so much energy.

1. Tour Slam Adult Strung

Best Tennis Rackets

Manufactured with Aluminum, the Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis racket is the lightest rackets. The volcanic frame technology offers greater stability, control and power. Moreover, the power steering also contributes for greater power while swinging. Additionally, the strung balance has the 3 points head light. Meanwhile, the stop shock pads acts as the filter reducing the vibration for best control. Order this one and have the best tennis time with your family now!

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