The Best Roof Rack Basket 2022 – Consumer Reports

For this post, it is reviewing the best roof rack basket for you. 10 of the best of them have been first carefully selected through the customer review rate as well as its brand and quality. Along with great designs, they are brought you to here. Still, a different one would fit in a different car. Thus, you have got to check the listing below out to really find the right one for your car while again, their quality are highly reliable. Enjoy the reviews below.



ARKSEN roof rack is able to haul your camping equipment, bag, and luggage properly with the extra-large capacity storage. The basket can be extended up to 23-inch length. This product is constructed with sturdy bottom metal bars to attach securely with your car roof. Furthermore, it is constructed with heavy-duty steel and black coated finish, which is very suitable for long road trip with group of people.

09. Thule Canyon Cargo Basket


Thule Canyon cargo basket is designed with wedge shape and tapered sidewall to make you load and unload your stuff easily. It also comes with wind fairing to reduce wind noise and vibration. Besides, it is able to fit with many vehicles by using any mounting hardware. Finally, it can add with accessory crossbar for extra equipment attached but you need to buy it separately.

08. Pro-Series 63156 Rooftop Cargo Carrier


Pro-Series 63156 basket comes with high-quality mounting hardware that allow you to attach with most kid of racks in round and square shape. It is constructed of sturdy metal and coated with black powder finish to ensure durability and rust resistance. It also features fairing with aerodynamic shape to cut through the wind properly without noise, and vibration. Finally, it weighs only 29 lbs. so it can place on the top roof perfectly without adding heaviness.

07. Rhino Rack Roof Mount Cargo Basket


Rhino rack basket is heavy-duty steel 2-piece construction and black powder-coated finish for the blend of rust and corrosion resistance. This product is durable and it can support up to 165 lbs. The front part is designed with deflector to reduce wind noise effectively. This product is designed ergonomically to fit with all aero bars, so you should stop worry that the basket you already bought will not fit your car rack.

06. TMS Silver Roof Basket


TMS roof rack basket is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum for durability. It comes with silver color for vibrant outlook. With the dimension of 38-inch width, 50-inch length, 6.5-inch height, it can place on your vehicle roof and store most things: camping gear, bag, and luggage. The surface is designed carefully to prevent slip. Finally, all screws are included for easy and quick installation.

05. Vehicle Roof Cargo Basket by Rage Powersports


Range Powersports roof rack basket is designed to attach with existing crossbars for more capacity storage up to 150 lbs. It comes with plenty of tie-down points for better and safer storage. The steel frame is 1-inch diameter and it is coated with black paint finish for durability and nice outlook. To mount this rack properly, it requires 1.25 inches from vehicle roof to cross bars. Moreover, the space between crossbar is adjustable from 21 to 30 inches. Finally, the hardware is provided for installation.

04. Best Choice Products SKY1515 Roof Rack


Best Choice Products roof rack is constructed with 44-inch length, 39-inch width, and 6-inch height, which is able to support up to 150 lbs. weight capacity. It is steel construction with black powder-coated finish. In addition, it features wind fairing, which can reduce the strength of wind and wind noise. It also comes with vehicles’ crossbars with 4 U-bolts to stay stably and securely on the roof.

03. Rola 59504 Roof Cargo Basket


Rola 59504 rack basket comes with top-grade mounting hardware that can fit with most racks in various shapes like round, or square. It is rugged with 2-piece construction for durability. Moreover, it is coated with black powder finish to resist corrosion and rust. It features fairing to eliminate the strength and sound wind. Finally, this product is lightweight, only 38 lbs., so it will not add heaviness to your vehicle.

02. Highland 1041900 Rooftop Cargo Basket


This basket mode of Highland is constructed with durable and rustproof steel. It is designed with aerodynamic shape to cut through air perfectly. Furthermore, the front windshield is able to prevent drag. The mounting system is built carefully to fit with most cross bar, so your basket will stay in place and store your belongings safely. Finally, this product is easy and quick to assemble.

01. Roof Luggage Cargo Storage Rack by Rage Powersports


Rage Powersports comes with multi tie-down points to store your items securely. The mounting option is designed with 3.5-inch width and 2-inch height U-Bolts that can attach to the most car racks correctly. Plus, the black fairing is included to cut through the air perfectly without noise and vibration. The frame is steel construction and black powder-coated finish. Black rack will fit any modes of car. Finally, if you look for the durable rack with stunning outlook, please do not look over this product.

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