The Best Rollerblades for Kids 2022 – Consumer Reports

Rollerblading is a fascinating sport activity for kids to enjoy and release their tiredness in the free time. Most of the kids are entertained by this type of game both indoor and outdoor. Thus, it has become a famous sport in the world due to its many physical and spiritual advantages for kids to grow up well. Here are some famous best rollerblades for kids you might want one for your kid’s leisure toy.

10.Rollerblade Boys Spitfire XT 2016 Adjustable Inline Skates


This rollerblade is very fashionable and durable for kids to enjoy their sport activities in the free time. Its design is in 2016 with a pretty cool and vigorous materials. Amazingly, it has a switchable controller size to enlarge four full sizes when the kid’s feet grow up. Actually, it is safe for kids to freely enjoy rolling up and down because it is made from a well-built laces, Velcro and buckles and 72mm wheels foot brake. Additionally, it is awesome to play indoor and outdoor.

9.Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Adjustable Kids Inline Skates


Spitfire LX ALU is one of the distinguished rollerblades with the best grade in 2015. It is made from an elegant and long lasting materials with its modern and stunning shape which is creates attractive look when making movement styles. It has changeable size choice that is very easy for kids to adjust the size in order to comfortably fit their feet. Most importantly, it is very amazing and fashionable for kids to use this kind of rollerblade in this present age.

8.Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Boys Skate


This is one of the prestigious rollerblades made from an absolutely marvelous components in this present time. This kind of sportswear is not only designed for an awesome appearance, but it is also concerned with its performance as well as quality. Also, the cost of this product is very reasonable since it has many features. In addition, it is made from the top grade stuffs, allowing you to use for long time. Importantly, the size can be easily changed for the kid’s feet to skate with a comfortably motions.

7.Rollerblade Girl’s Junior Spitfire XT US 5 through 8 Adjustable Size Skate


This brand new product is produced form a sophisticated materials along with its lovely and well-built shape in 2015. It has a very good-quality rollerblade which focuses on the safety of the players. Since most of every single part of this awesome rollerblade is constructed with good materials, it allows the players to experience a very durable sport toy in life. On the top of that, it has size option.

6.Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline Skate


Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger is the prominent rollerblade for kids to enjoy their childhood moment. With a beautiful and lovely design, this rollerblade appeals the kids’ attention to make it with their own professional skating. Moreover, it is made from the high-rank components with a high class and luxurious design that is absolutely suitable for modern kids today. The changeable size of this rollerblade is also one of the perfect features, helping the kids to switch the size they want.

5.5th Element G2-100 Adjustable Girls Inline Skates


This type of rollerblade is a popular sport tool for girl. Element G2-100 is made from the high-quality materials with an elegant and well-built materials in 2014. It is not only beautiful but also firm; in addition, it possesses good features including switchable sizes, optional wheel sizes and closure system. All of these amazing characteristics surely attract the kid’s attention to rollerblade in their free time.

4.Bladerunner Girls Phoenix 4 Size Adjustable Skate


Bladerunner Girls Phoenix is a remarkably well-known rollerblade, specifically made for girls. This kind of rollerblade is designed with a strong materials on its frame and is composed of perfect closure system on the boot so as to easily adjust the size. Also, it possesses a fabric softboot inducing the player to feel comfortable during playing. Additionally, it has an optional wheel sizes for players to choose their favorites. This is very cool and awesome for girl’s sport toy.

3.K2 Skate Boy’s Raider Inline Skates


This type of rollerblade is one of the well-recognized sport tool with its absolutely marvelous quality and beautiful appearance. Well made in heavy-duty F.B.I frame to support heavy weight, the wheels are also durable and concern free. More specially, the designer equips K2 Softboot in order to comfort the inside compression. K2 skate is a perfect rollerblade for beginner or intermediate players.

2.Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate


Derby Boy’s Tracer comes to support sport lifestyle. With its firm nylon frame, mushy boot, changeable system and optional wheel sizes, it has got its name well known to most skaters. Moreover, the twin cam-lever buckle ensures compact wearing and standing balance. And with Excellerator 608ZB, it goes fast as you want to. Derby Boy’s Tracer can be used for kids and adults because its size can be changed to fit the players’ feet.

1.Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates


The design created by Mongoose looks ravishing for girls. Female skaters can now try this rollerblade with best functions and soft feel. Plus, this sportswear is made to be cozy for beginner skaters. Mongoose is also projected with a smart concept that includes one-press button to change the size. This is favorable when the skaters are lazy to take off the shoes while they are standing. More feature includes twin straps to secure loose tie. This toy is very suitable for girls to compete the sport with boys.

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