The Best Maternity Band Review 2022 – Consumer Reports

During the pregnancy period, it is always a good idea to give some support for the stomach. Indeed, a good maternity band could help add in a nice support and make future mothers a lot more comfortable with their posture. On the other hand, best maternity band is not difficult at all to find at an affordable price. Our team has also reviewed many of the bands, and the interesting ones we decide to pick up for the suggestions are these ones below.

10. Medela


Maternity support from Medela is the best abdominal support and pain relief particularly for pregnant women or after pregnancy usage. It is made of 20 percent of spandex and 80 percent of nylon. It works best as it lifts mother’s tummy which will reduce pressure on bladder. It is perfect with no skin irritation as you wear it, providing a smooth and invisible wrapping under clothing. So, to all mommies, you don’t need to worry wearing this maternity support for long hours, it’s definitely a good companion.

9. Soft Form Maternity Support Belt


The Maternity support belt from Soft Form is designed with universal dress size (from 6 to 14). To women who has problem with her back pain due to pregnancy, this special support belt would definitely offer a magical solution to this. This functions to support the lumbar and abdominal areas. It is latex free with a multi-layers laminate and a cotton lining. Its elasticity gives extra compression and ventilation. It will not roll and could be hidden under the clothing. Feel free wearing it when you are on the go.

8. Belevation Maternity Support Band


If you are looking for a thin layer of support band, Belevation offers this perfect seamless and breathable mesh materiality support band. It is designed to give comfort and strong support to all mother-to-be ladies during their pregnancy. It is made with a blend of Spandex and Nylon. The quality would last even though you wash it several time, it will just come back to its stretchy form. It will not only reduce the back pain causing by the growing of abdomen, but it will securely hold your belly and do not roll at all.

7. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt


Made of polyester (80 %) and Lycra (20%), the Elastic Maternity belt from Gabrialla is a perfect match for every woman who having back pain during their pregnancy or could be after the due period. Ladies you could always lead your active lifestyle just by wearing this. It helps decreasing the risk of stretch marks and it will maintain a proper posture and balance. Even more, they are made to reduce the pain and stabilize the fragile hip part. For extra support and comfy, it is constructed with soft foam and elastic materials.

6. Best Cradle


From It’s You Babe, this best cradle is a modern and firm support for modern family or nowadays mother. It is so important to have the Best Cradle during your pregnancy as it will get your posture better day to day and of course avoid the back pain and ache. The open abdominal design offers greater security and comfortable support. It will also lift weight from the pelvis which in return helps to better circulation, while reduces leg and ankle swelling. It provides with thinner design so you do not have to worry of having bulk under your clothing.

5. UpSpring


Wrapping the belly and waist after delivery is a common concern for most mothers. This belly band from UpSpring is helping with the lower back pain during pregnancy. At the same time, it would also support abdominal stretched by childbirth and certainly reduce swelling. The built-in boning is to promote posture while breastfeeding. To get the most result out of this, mothers are recommended to wear it day and night. You will regain your figure confidence faster than you imagine.

4. Bracoo


This maternity back support will decrease the pressure from the lower back as your baby is growing daily. It gently lifts the abdominal area and offers compression to prevent uterine prolapse. Additionally, it also helps improve joint fatigue and muscle soreness during this hard time. This is best for during and post pregnancy period with the ability to gain your slim figure back. It is so comfortable and adjustable.

3. Underworks


This belly band is designed for post-delivery maternity band. Made of cotton and Polynylon Spandex, it offer 100 percent soft and smooth tummy sheet lining which keeping you comfy and cool. It also works to restore your pre-pregnancy figure faster than any other belly band. Furthermore, it features Velcro that encourages flexibility and adjustability in size. Most importantly, your back is given full support and relief with this band.

2. Gabrialla Support Belt


Facing the problem with your lower back pain and abdominal support during your pregnancy? This is a high quality support band for a mother-to-be. It is made of polyester (80%) and lycra (20%). Additionally, it offers medium-strength support to the uterus and helps reduce the risk of stretch marks. Besides, it will also improve your posture and balance, which you can have be active with daily activities even if during your pregnancy.

1. BellaBand

Best Maternity Band

The BellaBand from Ingrid & Isabel is a must have maternity band for every mom. Ladies, this premium quality and seamless maternity, BellaBand, is the best thing from newly pregnant, during pregnancy, and after you have delivery your baby. It will hold up unbuttoned pregnancy jeans and bottoms, so you can hide it pretty well. While you are pregnant, it will help to hold up your maternity pants from rolling down and at the same time, maintaining your posture. After your pregnancy, you can wear it to ease the transition back to your pregnancy jeans, and of course for smooth belly coverage while feeding your baby.

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