The Best LED Christmas Trees for Sale 2022 – Consumer Reports

Christmas is coming soon, and many of us now are thinking of the best creative decoration for the celebration. No matter what kind of decoration it is, you will still need the Christmas trees anyway. As to help you find the beautiful ones quicker, we have reviewed many of them, and lastly come up with these best LED Christmas trees for sale for you to check out. They are affordable, and they will make your decoration very attractive and beautiful.

10. CW7-334-20


From National Tree Company, this Crestwood Spruce small tree would be the lovely little Christmas tree for this year. Adornments on the tree include red berries, glitter in plastic bronze pot pine cones and silver bristle. They are a full package of a beautiful Christmas tree. This can be placed indoor or outdoor with a pre-lit 35 Clear LED lights-UL. Additionally, the length is two feet tall which would not consume a lot of space, yet it still brighten up your house beautifully.

9. Best Choice Products


This is the #1 Best Seller of Christmas tree with LED lights. With its simple and traditional look of a Christmas tree displayed at home, this is popular for most family. This fiber optic tree is designed with LED multicolor lights and stands, adorning with the brightest star ornament on top. Moreover, there are six different functions of flashing like waves, chasing/flash, slow, twinkle, fade, sequential, and combination. Assembling is really easy within minutes. Have a happy holiday with this medium size of Christmas tree in your house.

8. Artificial Christmas Tree


This slim Christmas tree is a twelve feet tall artificial tree which most family would love to have in your house. The pine tree is adorned with 1100 UL clear lights which could be used indoor only. Furthermore, it is so convenient for storage after Christmas is done. This beautiful slender figure of X’mas tree of the year comes with two year warranty. Tree stand is included with extra bulbs for replacement. Though artificial, it looks almost like a real Christmas tree.

7. LED Birch Tree


Thinking of replacing your traditional Christmas tree? This 8 feet Birch tree offers a stunning look for home decoration or even for wonderland theme park. All the barks are attached with mini LED lights which brightly spark the entire tree. This also made it possible if you would want to put photo or hang others favorite light toys with it. Their mini LED lights are claimed to be the brightest of other light sold in the market. Additionally, the price is reasonable and you could just transform this into an expensive LED Birch tree with your creativity.

6. Prelit Christmas Tree


This 7 feet tall Prelit Christmas tree would take less space for display. 200 lights with white and multi-colors are attached to the tree, creating sparkles all over the place. There is a lot of space on the tree for your own customization. Yet, it is originally adorned with pine cones (18) and blank tips of 401 so that you could place your own ornaments. Plastic stand is provided and the assembling is so easy. It would take only couple minutes.

5. LED Snow Tree


“LED Snow Tree”, a product line of Lightshade, is a 16 feet lead wire equipped with 48L LED lights. Glowing in a soft yellow light, this artificial snowy tree looks as a virgin white snow tree during winter. It creates a very natural beauty ornaments to your house during Christmas day. It can be placed indoor or outdoor as prefer. In addition, this snow tree features energy saving mode and last up to 30,000 hours. Installing process is so convenient and it could be moved to anywhere you want easily.

4. Blossom Tree


This six feet tree is also a line product from Lightshade. Equipped with so many LED lights on 16 feet lead wires, this Blossom Tree creates a wonderful romantics night during the Christmas Eve. You can also use brown branch, flowers or cherry blossom to decorate it. Additionally, it could save tremendous energy with a lifespan up to 30,000 hours. The quality is long lasting as it is made with anti-aging PVC materials with a stable base of cross iron pipe.

3. Green Madison Pine Tree


The Madison Pine Tree is one of the best artificial Christmas trees. Like a real tree, it has been designed in green with multi-color lights. There are 400 lights equipped on this 6.5 feet tree, while there are 600 tips. Thus, the remaining spot you could choose your own ornaments and make it your own style. In addition, it features a sturdy top branch so you can have the topper with beautiful objects etc. Yet, this is for indoor only. Let’s beautify your own house with the Madison Pine Tree for this upcoming Christmas.

2. GKI Bethlehem


Having Christmas tree at home is so special for welcoming Santa Clause, is it? This pre-lit Christmas tree is adorned with 850 mini crystal lights with locked-in bulbs to create a stunning look to your house. Moreover, it is fire-retardant and fade-proof, providing a long lasting quality. Furthermore, the wire branches are so strong, protecting by a strong metal base. 10 years of limited warranty is provided.

1. North Valley Spruce Tree


This 7.5 feet tall Christmas tree is attached with 550 clear lights and made of 1346 branch tips. With its firm construction of a cone shape, this North Valley Spruce is the holiday special gift for yourself and family. Installing is so time-saving and quick. Moreover, it is so convenient for moving around, and you can also hang your own beautiful little ornaments on this Spruce Tree. Have fun!!!

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