The Best Horse Saddle Bags 2022 – Consumer Reports

Horse riding is a fun activity for people. If you are one among those riders, you may want to have saddle bags for your horse so that you can store your necessity along with you. They are very useful, indeed. By the way, here are some famous horse saddle bags which have been reviewed with good rating stars. If you are seriously looking for one, you could simply check out the list and their reviews. These 10 best horse saddle bags are great, and you will be extremely satisfied with it.

10. Gear Carrier Saddle Bag, Black


The first horse saddle bags is brought by Gear Carrier. These bags are made from strong nylon attached with zipping compartments. Designed in black color, the bags also contain two pockets for bottles. There’s also another mesh pocket and solid pocket outside for keeping food. Of course, you will find it easy to carry the bags with handles. These bags are a good reviewed product of nearly five stars.

9. Nylon Horn Bag


This is another product which is made of pure nylon. These bags are very nicely finished in black color. There are two big compartments with zippers and two extra small pockets for additional maintenance. The bags’ saddle is designed with a hole in the middle as to tightly and firmly place the bags on the horse. This hole also allows you to carry it easily without using the handles.

8. Weaver Leather Insulated Nylon Saddle Bag


What’s especial about these saddle bags is the attractive look. Very well finished, the bags are made of weaver leather in black color. There is no any additional pockets outside because there are two big compartments on both sides and have the hook and loop closing mode. This product is very popular with a good review. There are not many left. Come and get one on your horse.

7. Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag


If you are choosing saddle bags for your horse, you might consider the color as well. This gold-color saddle bags will fit your horse well. Its material is made from leather in artistic design, especially the leather is purposely made for weather resistance. There are four additional pockets – two are mesh pockets and other are solid pockets. Surely, you will like the compartment structure of these saddle bags.

6. Cashel Quality Deluxe Medium Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag


Cashel brings a good quality saddle bags for horses. The bags are made of nylon and available in two colors. This design is a little different from others in that its one-side compartment is made for bottles maintenance and the other side is purposely structured for camera and cell phone. Its closures mainly use quick clip buckles mode. If you do not want to pack many thing with you on the horse, this simple product should deserves your trekking leisure.

5. TrailMax Original Pommel Pocket


TrailMax has a unique style for horse saddle bags. This mode has only one big compartment which is to be attached on the horse back. Its feature focuses on durability. First, the material is made from strong polyester to resist the weather, either under the sunlight and rain. Second, its hard material can be washed in the machine because it is a double stitched bag. Amazingly, this product is available in four colors. Choose the right one for your horse.

4. Cashel Medium Rear Saddlebag


Cashel produces another horse saddle bags, and this time like other products, it shares the same mode of two big compartments on both sides. These saddle bags are made of a good quality nylon. Moreover, there are also extra smaller pockets for bottles and device maintenance. These bags are also available in four colors. See which color suits your horse.

3. Weaver Chap Leather Saddle Bag


This is another saddle bag product which is made of chap leather. The special feature about this product is the material made and fasten mode which use buckle closure. Most importantly, the bags are nicely polished. The bags look like a student’s bags, but they’re actually designed for a house. Don’t wait. This is the product with suitable price and good review of four stars.

2. Shires horse & Jockey saddle Carrying Bag


This horse saddle bag is specifically heavy duty to be used with horses. It is produced with nicely finished surface with no scratch both inside and outside. The zipping closure is a stretch along the bags making it easy to open and close the bags. With long strap handles, it allows you to hold the bags comfortably. There is limited number in stock so don’t miss a good product.

1. Tough-1 Saddle Bag in Fun Prints


Indeed, this saddle bag is easy to be attached to the saddle, and there are also two handles on both side on the compartments. The bags are definitely made from pure nylon in a complex pattern design. There are four pockets for additional storing with two pockets for bottles and other two mesh pockets for necessity. Like other bags, it uses zipping closure on both compartments.

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