The Best Goalie Mask 2022 – Consumer Reports

Finding a new best goalie mask? Here you go. This post brings you the amazing ones to see. These are designed smart and unique while it could protect your face and head great during your game. For the pricing, they seem to be affordable than many others. These make them great options for your consideration. Still, you might like one design more than others. Thus, you can check out their details below.

10. 1:1 NHL Ice Hockey Goalie Mask by tripple


Triple_777 ice hockey goalie mask is made of fiberglass for durability and strong protection. The inner part is foam materials to keep your delicate face attached with the great softness. The size is designed perfectly to fit with most adults’ head size and shape. Finally, the black plate and straps are included for greater adjustment.

09. Los Angeles Kings Goalie Mask by Patch Collection


Patch collection goalie mask is made perfectly with the style of helmet for greater protection. It is made of ABS plastic for durability. Furthermore, this product is officially licensed by NHL to ensure the authentic quality. It comes with standard size to secure fit. Plus, the cage is metal construction to protect your face effectively. Finally, this mask is perfect for autographs.

08. Detroit Goalie Mask Mini Helmet by NHL


Detroit mask by NHL is designed in red wing outlook which demonstrate creative modern fashion and power. The mask comes with the metal cage which can protect your face importantly, your nose and eyes from any accidents during competition. In addition, the shell is vented with sturdy plastic plus foam liner for durability. Finally, it is officially licensed by NHL, so it comes with team logos and teams.

07. Bauer Youth NME 3 Goal Mask


This Bauer mask is designed with LEXAN EXL polycarbonate shell, which can protect your head properly. In addition, it comes with the carbon steel for round wire to add extra durability and protection. An additional sweatband is included to replace the old one for high sanitary and comfort. The mask bag is provided for easy storage and portability. Last but not least, its price is acceptable if you consider about its high performance.

06. 360 Athletics Goalie Mask


360 Athletics Goalie Mask is able to cover your head and face fully. The inner is lined with EVA foam to provide great softness and comfort on your head. Importantly, it does not contain of any risky chemical substances to cause any bad impacts to your hairs and head skin. Besides, the back plate is adjustable because it comes with elastic snap straps. This mask is designed with vibrant blue and grey color for stunning outlook.

05. Bauer NME Street Goal Mask


Bauer NME Street Goal Mask is constructed with sturdy polymer shell. It is designed perfectly for light weight, so users can run easily without any annoyance. The interior part is foam liner to soften your head while running. Furthermore, your face will be protected by strong steel cage. This product is perfect for street hockey. Finally, its price is affordable if you compare it with other products with similar quality in the market.

04. Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GFM 100 Goalie Mask


Franklin is built with ACD vented shell for cooling. The shape can cover your head and face fully, so it can reduce injury effectively. Moreover, the chin and jaw protection part is added. Furthermore, the back plate and quick-snap elastic strap can be adjusted for your convenience. Importantly, to ensure your comfort and hygiene, the antimicrobial technology is included, which is very useful for sport protection materials. Steel cage is strong and it is coated with black chrome for durability and rust resistance.

03. Mask Heat White Airsoft Goalie by hottshop


Hottshop goalie mask is the versatile product usable for ice hockey, or any party. This mask is made of heavy-duty steel with mesh for the blend of protection, breathability, and comfort. Moreover, it comes with the size of 28-cm length, 18-cm width, 12 cm-depth to fit with most adult’s shape. It is designed white color, so you will enjoy using it anytime and anywhere perfectly.

02. Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask


This Franklin mode is designed in protective helmet to prevent your head and face from any accident occurring during competition. The cage is steel material and it is coated with chrome for more stunning outlook and durability. Moreover, it is molded with ABS plastic for strength, yet it is lightweight to keep users run without any disturbance. Besides, its outlook is printed with NHL team plus the official team color and logo as well. Finally, this product is ideal for street hockey game.

01. Mylec Ultra Pro II Goalie Mask

Best Goalie Mask

Mylec mask is built of high-quality plastic that can protect your head from any side of attack. It is vented with some shells for better breathability, so your head will not be overheat. Importantly, it comes with the long-lasting metal cage to prevent any accident happen on your face. The back plate can be adjusted for your convenience. Besides, it is designed with standard size to fit with all sides and shapes of adult users.

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