The Best Electric Percolator 2022 – Consumer Reports

Coffee is a common drink for most people. That is why it would be strange if there is a kitchen that does not have the coffee maker. Like others being here, many of them are looking for the best electric percolator to help make them their favorite coffee at home. Of course, this post will feature the best electric percolators for your consideration. Short review of each comes along.

10.Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker


If you are seriously finding one great coffee maker, you should overlook this brilliant product. It allows you to have 2 to 12 cups each time making, and it is done in just minutes. The coffee maker is also special that it was built in with a function to keep it hot for awhile automatically. For the whole body of this coffee maker, it is stainless steel. You thus can expect a long lasting use from this one.

9.Hamilton Beach 40614 Twist Lid Percolator


Next product is the Percolator from Hamilton Beach. This flavorful coffee maker works extremely quick to serve you great coffee. Heater to keep it warm is also there while the handle is designed cool-touch and ergonomic for safe and convenient handling. Indicator light will also show if it is ready to serve while the sprout is made great for safe pouring.

8.Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator


Another coffee percolator to check out his this Presto. Like the earlier ones, this percolator is made from stainless steel, and it comes with 6 cup making capacity. The indicator light will tell when it is ready to serve. Besides, it has the keep warm mode to keep your coffee great for your drink at a later time. One year warranty is as well included to ensure the confidence.

7.West Bend 54159 Classic Stainless-Steel 12-Cup Percolator


Another percolator to check out is the West Bend product with 12 cup capacity. This stainless steel construction makes the water hot through the circulation from the ground. Interestingly, it has the keep-warm function to make sure your coffee is fresh, still. Likewise, it has the stay cool base and handle, making it is safe for your handling. Moreover, it has a very unique and attractive design as you may have seen.

6.Farberware FCP240 2-4-Cup Percolator


Run by the 1000 watt power, this percolator can make 4 cups of coffee at a time. It has a stainless steel for the maker, and it could ensure good durability as well as consistent brew speed. Generally, for a cup of coffee, it would take about a minute. For the handle, it is made with the cool touch for convenient and safe handling. Lastly, as long as you plug it in, it would still keep the coffee warm for you.

5.Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Percolator


Very affordable with nice design, you may consider this Farberware percolator. It can produce about 8 cups of coffee each time. As you could this, this percolator is made from stainless steel. It has nice presentation, and it is durable for long use. Also, this one is dishwasher safe. You will have no worries for cleaning it after use.

4.Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless-Steel 12-Cup Electric Percolator


If it is about how quick it can make the coffee for you, this electric percolator from Hamilton Beach would be the best. Still, the percolator has many interesting features to check out such as the attractive chrome finish and the warm keeping mode. And, whenever the coffee is ready to serve, the indicator light will tell. A permanent filter basket and detachable cord are included.

3.Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator


It is a classic design, and it is the Cuisinart percolator brew which could make between 4 to 12 cups of coffee to serve each time. The spout of this percolator is also designed great and without spilling. Its base design similarly will keep the percolator sit safe on the ground. Indicator light, easy grippy knob and detachable cord are also parts of the percolator.

2.Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator


Nicely designed as an electric percolator, this is a product from Farberware, and it can do 2 to 4 cups for you each time. Commonly, it takes a minute to make hot and tasty coffee from this percolator. After the making is done, it will automatically switch to warm keeping mode. As well, the cord is easily detachable to make it easy serving.

1.Melitta 6-Cup Coffee Percolator


Last but not least, it comes to the suggested Melitta percolator. This maker could do about 6 cups a time if you need that much. Interestingly, this percolator runs cord free, and it has a keep-warm function to keep the coffee taste great still. Indicator light has also been integrated for your easy use. On the other hand, this coffee percolator is constructed thoroughly from stainless steel. It looks great and lasts still.

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