The Best Electric Pallet Jack 2022 – Consumer Reports

For the listing work of many heavy things, there comes a need for the electric pallet jack. As it might not be easy and is time consuming to look and check one by one when you need it, we have done the search and review for you. It is these 12 best electric pallet jack reviews that we have brought up to recommend you to consider. These are good quality ones with reasonable price. Importantly, their features will help do your work well.

12.Big Joe Semi-Electric Pallet Truck


One of the very nicely-designed pallet trucks to see is this Big Joe Pallet. This specific pallet has a fork width of 27 inch and fork length of 45 inch. For the lifting capacity, it can hold up to 3300 lbs. These are good feature as a pallet jack. Still, some other interesting facts about this you should know are the polyurethane drive wheel of the truck and the polyurethane load rollers.

11.E30 Fully Powered Pallet Truck


This another pallet truck design is a very interesting one from E30. It has a fork width of 27 inch and fork length of 45 inch with 450 as the weight. For the loading capacity, it could work well with 3000 lbs materials. Regarding the price, this one is relatively much more expensive than the first one. It is a matter of capacity, quality and brand.

10.GF 2015 Electric Pallet Jack: 3000 Lbs Capacity, Standard Fork Size with Safety Reverse Button


Designed with standard size for the fork, this pallet jack could work with 3000 lbs stuff easily. Importantly, the electric pallet jack has been built with safety reverse button as well as the good quality steel. This product is made in USA, and it can handle with any materials you may have.

9.Vestil EPT-2547-30 Fully Powered Electric Pallet Truck


Next is the suggested product from Vestil. This is an electric pallet truck which has an overall height of 47.75 inch and 64 inches in length. Again, this pallet truck is operated electronically. It is powerful and it can lift and move things very fast. For convenient operation, Raise and Lower Buttons can be done just by a fingertip. For forward and reverse movement, it is as well extremely easy to control

8.Prime Scale 5000lb/1lb Pallet Truck


Also considered as one of the very good pallet trucks, this is a very powerful pallet jack. It can handle with things up to 5000 lbs. Also, the construction makes the movement of in and out extremely smooth while the LCD display powered by Lithium battery is included. Moreover, it has a good hydraulic pump and wheels to help make this pallet very durable for long-lasting use.

7.Wesco 272754 Manual High-Lift Telescoping Pallet Truck


Working best for high lifting and smooth transporting, this is the Wesco pallet truck you can check out. Uniquely, this pallet jack has an additional leg supports to ensure great stability when lifting. The steel, moreover, that is used to construct this pallet are high quality one which works perfect against corrosion and impact. For its capacity, it could load stuff with 2200 lbs as the maximum capacity.

6.Vestil EHLT-4872-3-43 Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table


Here it comes the Vestil again. This is the Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift table. Actually, this pallet jack operates simi-electronically, and it works best for transporting and lifting tasks. For heavy loading, traction drive system will be put into work, and it is powered by the battery. For its loading capacity, it could deal with materials of up to 3300 lbs.

5.Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack / Hand Pallet Truck


Much simpler and less expensive option, you could instead consider this Crown PTH Truck. This is among a very good quality pallet truck with great durability and support. It has an 27 inch fork wide and 48 inch fork length. While the handling is made pretty ergonomic, there are three positions for the levers which are neutral, lower and raise.

4.Semi-Electric Power Pallet Jack Truck


This is another semi-electric pallet jack truck you might want to check if you are seeking for such. This powerfully-designed pallet jack operates by 30 AH batteries with no maintenance needed. Either the body construction or the load roller, they are made strong and high in quality for durable use. These are some of the reasons why this pallet jack truck could be the one you are looking for.

3.Xilin CBD15W Electric Pallet Truck 3,300LBS Capacity


For the third last pallet for your review, this is a Reddot winner for 2015. This is something to let you trust the quality of this with confidence. Operated by the maintenance free battery, this electric pallet truck could easily deal with heavy stuff by its 3300 lbs load capacity. As well, its 24v and 80AH capacity allows it to operate perfect even with intensive use.

2.Mighty Lift Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 3300# Powered Pallet Jack


Running by the electric motor, this is the pallet jack from Mighty Lift. This is a 2014 product, but it is still widely bought and used just because it has good quality. For the price, if you compare, you would see this one is a bit more expensive in the list. That is because it has many superior features and functionalities.

1.Xilin CBD30T Full Electric Power Pallet Jack Heavy Duty 6,600LBS 27″X48″ Forks Size


Among the rest in the list, this Xilin is the most expensive one. That is because this pallet could do much more than the rest. For the load capacity, it could handling 6600 lbs very well. Also, you can expect this to run extremely smooth and strong for the lifting and transporting. Additionally, it has been equipped with the power steering system for the best maneuverability. In the meantime, the handle bar design could ensure good safety.

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