The Best Electric Kettle 2022 – Consumer Reports

Electric Kettle is a common need in many kitchens. Indeed, one best electric kettle can be found anywhere for the moment. Many of the designs and brands producing the products are available while the pricing is extremely reasonable. You must have know that too. By the way, as you are here, you might be looking for a new one to replace your old. The list below will present you best electric kettle reviews. This would help you find one quicker and easier.

10.KitchenAid KEK1722ER 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle


Very first one, it comes to the electric kettle from KitchenAid. This kettle can hold about 1.7 L in storage capacity, and it can boil up the water for you quickly. At the same time, the temperature can be adjusted between 122 F to 121 F at your convenience. As an indicator, Blue LED has been added into the design. If you need to hold the water warm, you could set it up to the 30 minute temperature maintaining. For the handle design, great comfort will also be found.

9.Ovente KS96S Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle


Though this Ovente is already a high quality kettle, one year warranty has still been added to ensure the confidence in purchasing. For the capacity, it holds about 1.7 L, and it runs by the 1100 watt power with 120v. Automatic shutoff is another interesting feature of this kettle so that you know it easily when the water is boiled and ready for use. As an indicator LED light is designed in.

8.Ovente KP72W Cordless Electric Kettle


This is another design from the same Ovente brand. This lovely electric kettle is different from the first two because it is cordless, making you even easier using this. Similarly, it can hold up about 1.7 L the same. Because it operates by the 1100 watt power, you can expect the boiling water very soon. Also nice, no matter what temperature the water goes up to, its handle will stay cool for your handling. One year warranty is also included.

7.Hamilton Beach 40865 Glass Electric Kettle


For the number 7 item, this is the Hamilton Beach Kettle. Operated without a cord, it makes thing less messy. However, this electric kettle has the glass design for its body, and it looks just very nice. Like many best electric kettles, this one has an auto shutoff function which is great for your safety. The mesh filter is additionally built in. You will simply like this so much.

6.Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle


Comparing to many of the best electric kettles in the list, this Cuisinart design has a very unique presentation. However, it is made to hold water of around 1.5 L only. 6 preset settings are also built in for easy control while the kettle could keep the water warm up to about 30 minutes. Also, its scale filter is very much removable for easy cleaning. Finally, you will enjoy using this without a worry. It has three year warranty to take care of it.

5.Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle, Cordless 1.8-Liter


Also a great design, this is the cordless Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle, able to hold 1.8 L. This kettle is a lot safer to use than the stovetop kettle, and it is a lot more convenient and quicker to get the boiling water. Even better, it is designed with the auto shutoff function to let you know it is ready for your boiling water, and it could also prevent an overheat to happen. On the other hand, if we look at the outside look and price of this kettle, you would feel that is your real choice.

4.EPICA 1.75 Quart Cordless Electric Stainless Steel Kettle


Constructed generally from stainless steel, this is another brilliant cordless design Kettle. It can boil about 1.75L of water at a time, and it runs by its 1500 watt power. For built-in safety feature, this kettle has the auto shutoff feature, indicator light, the secure locking lid as well as the water level gauge. Additionally, one year warranty is added in the package.

3.T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living 4-Cup 1750-Watt Electric Travel Cordless Kettle


Interestingly different in design than the rest, this is the T-fal electric kettle, working without a cord, and it runs by the 1750 watt power. Nonetheless, it could store only about 1 L per boiling. As a part of its body design, it has a water measuring which you could see clearly how much water left in the kettle. Generally, the kettle is made from plastic. It is light and durable while one year warranty is offered.

2.Ovente KS96S Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle


Available in three different colors, this Ovente KS96S could boil water about 1.7 L for its maximum capacity a time. The kettle is proven to work more efficiently than many others especially the stovetop kettle. Similarly to the rest in the list. it has auto shutoff feature along with the concealed heating element. That is for safety reason. At the same time, LED light indicator is added for your check if it is ready. 12 month warranty is included, additionally.

1.Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle


Designed more like the stovetop kettle, this digital electric kettle is the last one to recommend. As you could see, generally, the kettle looks very nice while it comes up with many useful features. For one feature, it has a real-time temperature display as well as the function to hold the temperature warm still up to 60 minutes. Also, the Kettle is made with 1000 watt power operation, and it boils the water quick.

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