The Best Electric Insect Fogger Review 2022 – Consumer Reports

If you would want to get rid of the annoying insects at home, you may need the best electric insect fogger to help you. Finding the right fogger will solve your problem. As not to waste a lot of your time searching for them, you could review our listing below. We have featured the top best electric insect fogger reviews for you to consider and decide. Anyone of these will do the work for your really well.

10. Hurricane Fogger


This is a triple Jet fogger that can be used with water or oil based products. Designed with hand held, Hurricane Fogger will dispense disinfectants, insecticides, deodorizes and germicides. There are three precision nozzles which deliver particles size between 5 to 50 microns. It comes with one gallon transparent tank with 110 volt AC operation. Additionally, it could also use to control insects with Permethrin II. With Hurricane Fogger, you could control the mist through directing the wand around the room.

9. Longray Basic ULV Fogger


With its adjustable flow and flex-hose, the Longray fogger could pick up, carried around and perform direct spray. It is a genuine fogger with capability to generate 5 to 50 micron fog that diffuse faster and highly likely to come into contact with little pests. The tank is detached with an easy-to-fill valve and big storage. Moreover, it has a grip handle which you could carry around as you wish. There is a clog-resistant feature, enabling smooth performance. In addition, it is chemical resistant so you can trust its durability and quality.

8. Carryall ULV Fogger


The Carryall ULV Fogger is designed with additional feature that help you work more effectively. With the nozzle on precision valve, you are able to adjust the flow rate and particle size. The flex hose, on the other hand, help you spray into the narrow or corner areas. The valve could produce smaller or larger fog particles which best for pesticides even at low doses or for an outdoor fog that lingers against a wind. You can also reach difficult areas or space with Carryall ULV fogger. The tank could store 1.6 gallon of solution.

7. Burgess 16982150


Burgess Electric Thermal fogger offers best commercial cleaning and sanitizing application. It could be used as an outdoor insect fogger with removable heating element for electric spraying ability. It is required 110 volt of power supply with a long lasting spun aluminum solution tank. During the process, the electric pump will let liquid through brass sending to controlled heater in the barrel. Then the chemical will be vaporized into microscopic particles in average size (15 microns).

6. Black Flag- Electric Insect Fogger


The black flag is an outdoor electric fogger which provides effective and long lasting control of insects and pesticides. If you are having a party outdoor and worried about all of those annoying flies, this fogger from Black Flag will be your best guard. The fog will be lasting for minutes and then it will be bug free for hours. With its electric model design, you can easily perform and use this. It could dispense 10 foot cone of fog to clear all bug in the targeted area. One year warranty is offered.

5. Burgess 960


The Burgess fogger 960 produces ideal fog dispenses of 10 cone to effectively remove all mosquitoes and crowded flies from your areas. For a family picnics or party outdoor, this fogger is so useful to kill all viruses-carried insects. The container could store up to 40 oz of solution with the electronic trigger lock to prevent accidental spilling. It takes just a minute to fog the wanted area and then the fog will work magically by itself. Fogger is the most economical spraying and insect killer than any others.

4. Hudson 99598


Hudson 99598 is designed with the lightweight of two gallon poly tank and a carrier strap. It is perfect for large commercial coiled hose for directing chemical mist to clear all unwanted flies and pests. It could be used outdoor or indoor as prefer. Furthermore, it features ultra low volume mist with the outputs of particle size (22-46 microns). It also has the adjustable output of 1.5 to 14 gallons per hour and could shoot 13.5 foot range. Additionally, this is created to be an easy-to-carry around fogger.

3. Black Flag 190095


The Black Flag 190095 is a complete portable and slight thermal propane-powered fogger. It is not only economical, yet an effective mosquitoes and insects killer. All of those annoying flies will never get to your picnic area for hours, if you operate this fogger in minutes before starting. The Black Flag 190095 features tall canister with an auto start button for easy operation.

2. BugzOff Pest Repellent


The BugzOff pest repellent control is a safe innovative ultrasonic repellent to effective remove all flies, pests, insects, spiders, fleas and mice. After plunging into any power socket in your house, this electric repellent will send out inaudible sound to get rid of pests and insects. This is a safe technology so you should not be worry for your children’ safety since it does not equipped with any chemicals or risky solutions that is hazardous to health. It has a built-in night light for indoor usage.

1. Burgess 1443


Like other Burgess line of electric fogger, this Burgess 1443 has its unique features and good reviews. All of their parts of Burgess are inexpensive and easy to find in the market. Moreover, it will allow the solution to heat up quickly, while produces bigger clouds. Therefore, if you are organizing parties outdoor, just spray the area that you want to be clear with flies and insects for minutes and you will see its effectiveness for hours. It comes with the trigger lock that prevents accidental dispensing of insecticide.

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