The Best Electric Hoist 2022 – Consumer Reports

For convenient and quick lifting tasks, a good quality electric hoist could help a lot. And, you must have know how helpful it is if your work involves a lot of lifting. As to help you find good products quick with affordable price, our team has done a search for the most popular and best quality electric hoists. As a result, we have come up with this list of the best electric hoist reviews you could consider one by one below. They all own the quality you can trust.

10. Shop Tuff STF-5511EH Electric Cable Hoist


Shop Tuff STF-5511EH hoist is the electric device to help you lift your heavy objects by strong anti-twist cable effectively. The cable is 39-feet long and it is able to support up to 550 lbs. for single-line use and 1100 for double-line use. It operates with 1.75 HP and 110 volt motor. Importantly, it features most safety options like long cords, brake and height limit control. Finally, this product will be backed with one-year limited warranty.

09. Steel Dragon Tools Mini Electric Wire Hoist


Mini electric wire hoist by Steel Dragon Tools features top-grade carbon steel cable which is able to lift 220 lbs. with single line, and 440 lbs. for double lines. The cord measures up to 5.5 inches long. It comes with latest braking system that is able to hold your objects even no power left. Besides, it is designed with powers up and powers down remote control for your convenience. The stop switch is included as well for high safety.

08. Electric Shop Hoist by JABETC


Electric shop hoist by JABETC is the heavy-duty machine that can lift up to 440 lbs. The cable is sturdy carbon steel materials with the length of 38 foot and diameter of 0.125 inches. It also comes with a durable hook for convenient carry and use with double lines. Besides, it features powers up and powers down control for your convenience and safety. Finally, mounting brackets are provided for high performance.

07. Electric Hoist by Five Oceans


Five Oceans electric hoist is able to lift up to 33 or 16.5 feet per minutes for single or double use relatively. The cable is heavy-duty steel that can lift heavy removing engines and equipment effectively. It operates with 110 V motor for powerful and silent performance. Plus, it is designed perfectly for safe and easy mounting. Last but not least, its price is not expensive if you consider about its high quality and function.

06. Northern Industrial Electric Hoist


Northern Industrial electric hoist is designed with 110 V motor which has high capacity to support up to 750 lbs. or 1500 lbs. for single line and dual lines respectively. The remote cord is 53 inches long, so it will be more convenient for your operation. Furthermore, it is equipped with 14-gauge power cord cable for high performance. Finally, it is good to lift table, lumber, engine, and some shop equipment.

05. Electric Overhead Hoist Lift by JABETC


Electric Hoist by JABETC can be used with double line that will provide up to 88 lbs. The hook is durable and strong to carry any heavy objects with ease. It is also designed with power up and down control for high adjustment. It operates with 110/120 volt motor. Furthermore, the mounting bracket is provided for your convenience. Finally, its price is not expensive if you consider about its high quality.

04. Champion Power Equipment 18890 Engine Hoist


Champion Power Equipment 18890 hoist can be used with single line and double line with different output: 440 pounds support at 33 feet per minute and 880 pounds support at 16.5 feet per minute respectively. It operates with 120 V motor with quiet performance. Moreover, it includes Tethered Remote control for safety. Finally, its dimension is 14.6-inch length, 5.7-inch width, and 6.9-inch height, which is compact for easy mounting and mobility.

03. Northern Industrial Tools Heavy-Duty Electric Hoist


This product of Northern Industrial Tools is the flexible product that is able to use in single or double line standard. The cable measures 0.22-inch diameter, and 39 feet, and it is twist-resistant to make the operation safer and smoother. Moreover, it comes with swivel hook for easy loading. Importantly, the handheld remote control with emergency stop switch is included for better control in the range up to 51 inches far.

02. Northern Industrial Tools Electric Hoist


This hoist mode of Northern Industrial is designed perfectly for easy operation by just staying on the ground unlike other poor-quality product that requires you to crank a lever. Amazingly, it comes with durable cable with 0.16-inch diameter, which is able to support up to 1,100 lbs. for double line. In addition, it includes stopper and hook with safety latch as well. Its size is 16-inch length, 6-inch width, and 8.5-inch height for easy mounting even in tight place.

01. Sportsman Series EHOISTUL Electric Hoist

Best Electric Hoist

Sportman Series hoist operates with 0.75 horsepower and 110 V motor for powerful lifting and quiet operation. It features the high-quality carbon cable with 0.125-inch thickness that can lift small engines, shop tools and some building supplies up to 440 pounds with ease. Besides, it can be equipped safely to the ceiling or overhead beam. It is also designed with 5-foot wired switch that allow you to control work easily and effortlessly. Finally, this product requires no hand cranking for massive loads.

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