The Best Electric Cooler 2022 – Consumer Reports

Either in the party or during your trip, you might need one best electric cooler to help keep your drinks cool. Many best electric coolers are actually available to find one easily online with affordable price. Our team has spent a few days searching and reviewing many of the best and most popular electric coolers, and as a result, we have gathered them into this list to recommend you. These best electric cooler reviews have enough of the details you can decide.

10. Koolatron Krusader Cooler


Koolatron cooler is able to lower the temperature below 40° F, which can preserve the quality of your meal, food, and drink perfectly. It is built with the latest technology of cooling system for saving energy consumption and eco-friendly status. Importantly, this versatile product can turn into the warmer by just reverse the power cord. Finally, its overall capacity can store up to 80 12-oz. soda cans.

09. Knox Refrigerator Cooler and Food Warmer


Knox cooler and warmer is designed with two functions, used for cooling and warming. Its capacity can store up to 2-liter soda bottle plus some food. The shape is compact and slim which can be placed in the car properly. It also features the flip-up locking handle for easy carry. Besides, this 27-quart device is operated with 12-volt electricity power. Finally, designed with red color and equipped with cord storage part, it looks elegant for any trip.

08. Black & Decker TC212B


TC212B Black & Decker is the electric device that can lower the temperature up to 40° F and increase to 120° F, which are right temperatures to preserve your food quality. It is operated with just only 12-volt electricity power and it can plugs into vehicle outlet easily as well, so you can put your cooler on travel easily. Because this product is compact, it can be placed on vehicle seat, hatch or floor with ease for your convenient access. Besides, two can holders, zippered storage and punch are provided for high storage capacity.

07. Mini Fridge Cooler/Warmer by Thermoelelectric


Mini Cooler/Warmer machine by Thermoelelectric is able to store up to four 500-ml bottles, and 12-OZ cans. Furthermore, the shelf is removable for easy access and cleaning. The door is self-locked and it comes with handle for convenient opening. It can plug into cigarette lighter outlet of your vehicle for cooling or warming with ease. The cord is provided for your convenience. Finally, the overall dimension is 11-inch height, 7.25-inch width, and 10-inch diameter, which is the standard size that can be placed easily in any vehicle.

06. Koolatron Travel Cooler


Koolatron is the electric cooler that operates with 12-volt electricity power from home or vehicle outlet. This product can cool to 30° F that is able to preserve your food effectively. It can store up to 32 12-ounce cans. It weighs only 7 pounds for easy mobility. In addition, it comes with adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry when you travel. Moreover, it features the zippered pocket, 2 can holders and cell phone pocket at exterior side. A mesh pocket is included internally as well for small accessories storage.

05. Roadpro Cooler/Warmer


This mode of Roadpro is 7-liter device which can be used as warmer or cooler. Moreover, it is operated with 12-volt power and it can plug into the cigarette lighter outlet of car perfectly, so from now on you can have cool beverage and food with you on the way every time. Besides, it features two can or cup holders externally for convenient access. Constructed with high-quality materials, it is durable and efficient. Finally, it is made of premium materials that can keep your items cool though it stop plugging in.

04. Coleman PowerChill(TM) Thermoelectric Cooler


Coleman PowerChill cooler is constructed with capacity storage up to 40 quarts, approximately 44 cans and some snacks storage. It is designed with advanced technology to ensure durability, silent operation, and high effectiveness. The door is reversible, so you can open from right and left size with ease. Finally, this US-product will be backed with one-year limited warranty.

03. Koolatron P-20 Cooler/Warmer


Koolatron P-20 machine is designed with slim and compact size and shape, which can be taken on the go in minivans, or small car perfectly. Using only 12-volt power for cooling and warming, it can plug into your vehicle cigarette lighter outlet. Importantly, its motor and fan will operate smoothly without any sound disturbance. Finally, it is able to store up to 80 12-ounce cans.

02. Wagan 2260 Fridge/Warmer


Wagan 2260 is can be used as cooler or warmer without any complicated process required. The minimum temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature. It also comes with LED digital temperature display for easy access during nighttime. Plus, it is able to hold up to 6 liters of beverage, approximately 9 cans. Finally, the manual is given for dealing with some trouble steps.

01. Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

Best Electric Cooler

Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler is operated with brushless motor and convection cooling system to ensure quiet performance. This product can fit generally in 12-volt outlet even in your vehicle. It also comes with the easy-to-grip handle for convenient mobility. Importantly, it is designed with curved back which will be fit with your body movement while carrying. Finally, it is constructed uniquely to cool your drink and food without ice.

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