The Best Crossbows for Sale 2022 – Consumer Reports

Many people have enjoying with crossbows a lot. Actually, it is a fun sport and game. However, if you are to try some, you should get the best crossbows. They would make your experience even more exciting. According to our search and review for so many of the available crossbows, we have seen a few that are differently designed while having got great reviews and rate from the majority of the previous buyers. And, those best crossbows for sale have been listed below with quick review for your check. They are great ones, really.

10. Carbon Express 20271 X-Force


Carbon Express 20271 features forearm grip which is adjustable and has over 5-inch length for high comfort and shooting accuracy. The trigger is metal construction for strength, and it is designed with safety system for high safety while not in use. The frame is sturdy aluminium for durability and rust resistance. Importantly, it is fog-proof and shockproof. Its high capacity is able to provide up to 300 feet per second to reach the target. Finally, it comes with 6 crosshairs which ensures accurate pinpoint.

09. Black Metal Hunting Crossbow by SDN


SDN crossbow weighs only 150 lb. that is lightweight for easy carry and target honing. It is able to provide more than 220 feet per second to ensure accuracy and fast flight. Moreover, it comes with stock and fiberglass limb for precise view, and both materials are polished for stunning outlook. Besides, auto safety cocking system is added for high safety of users while bow is not in use. Finally, 4-by-20 scope and 12 arrows are provided.

08. PSE FANG 350 Crossbow


PSE FANG 350 crossbow is designed perfectly to shoot arrow accurately and fast with the speed of 345 feet per second. The trigger is built with high-quality material for easy squeezing. Furthermore, the stroke measures 14.25 inches, the standard size for strength. The length between each axle is 19.25 inches. Its overall weight is 155 lbs. Last but not least, the price is not expensive if you consider about its durability and performance.

07. Crossbow by KingsArchery


KingArchery crossbow is designed with self-cocking mechanism that can reduce time spending after each shooting and it also reload new arrows fast and safely. Moreover, the bow is long-lasting fiberglass to provide fast speed and strength to the arrow. Besides, the sight is adjustable for more precision in reaching target. The spare string and caps are included for supplementary. You will be offered 27 aluminium arrows in one package, so you can test immediately after coming back home. Finally, this product will be backed with 30-day limited warranty.

06. Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit


Jaguar CR-013 crossbow set weighs 175 pounds overall, which is not really difficult in carry. It comes with durable fiberglass bow that is able to shoot the arrow with the speed of 245 feet per second. This high speed will help you to hit the target accurately and quickly. In addition, the barrel is cast-magnesium for bolt flight tracking. The rail is designed in weaver style and it comes with red dot scope with adjustable 7-level brightness. Finally, the safety glasses, shoulder sling, and detachable quiver are included for high convenience.

05. Crossbow by Manticore


Crossbow by Manticore is designed ergonomically for the combination of durability, accuracy, and safety. With fibre bow, it is able to provide speed up to 210 feet per second. The barrel is aluminium construction for strength and high performance. It also features auto cocking mechanism to ensure fast arrow shooting and reloading. Finally, it comes in camouflage colour for elegant outlook.

04. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package


SA Sports Fever Crossbow package features the string measuring 26.5 inches. This product is designed perfectly with compact shape and light weight for easy carrying and shooting. The arrow shot from this crossbow is able to travel with the speed up to 240 FPS. Top-grade reticule scope is added for clear visibility. Some main materials are also offered: assembly tools, shoulder sling and scope mount. Last but not least, 4 arrows are included.

03. Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package


Barnett Quad 400 crossbow set is made in USA, so its high quality is ensured. It is designed with strong quiver for better performance. Furthermore, red dot sight is added for precision of target hitting. Three 22-inch arrows are provided and this crossbow is compatible with any arrows in the market. Finally, you will be offered five-year limited warranty.

02. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package


Barnett Jackal crossbow package comes with the latest technology of string and cable system that can shoot the arrow with the speed up to 315 feet amazingly. It is also designed with military-style stock and strong wheels as well. Some necessary features are added: easy-release quiver, 3 20-inch arrows and red dot sight. Finally, manual is added as well to help build safety and confidence before start using it.

01. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit


This set of Arrow Precision features aluminium rail and barrel for strength and durability. The trigger is anti-dry fire mechanism for easy operation and safety. The compression fiberglass limb is also added for clear goal visibility. In addition, it features detachable quiver, red dot sight, and rope cocker. Extra string is included for your urgent need. Finally, this product is lightweight and compact to enable you to shoot the arrow with ease.

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