The Best Compound Bow Sights 2022 – Consumer Reports

To hit your target right, you would need the scope, and this best compound bow sights will help stick your scope and make it steady there. As you have landed here, you must have been looking for one of the best compound bow sights. You have come right. In this article, we features the top best ones of them with brief reviews. They are also among the very popular ones for the moment, and you would be extremely happy with one of these. For details of each, you could scan through the listing below.

10. SAS Bow Sight


SAS bow sight is constructed with 0.029 fibre optic that allows you see the target precisely despite of low light. Moreover, it is designed with 3-pin configuration for high performance. The glow ring added helps your eyes stay focus on the goal determinedly. This versatile product comes with multiple mounting holes to ensure stability. Importantly, this product is very lightweight, so you should stop worrying that your bow will be heavier after adding this premium facilitator.

09. Trophy Ridge Mist Sight


Trophy Ridge mist sight comes with 0.019 fibre optic pins for accurate goal reaching. It is designed with green hood accent which will glow in the darkness. Moreover, it features plenty of mounting holes to stay stably on the bow. Moreover, the mount is reversible on both sides, right and left, with equal effectiveness. Designed in black colour, it will fit every kind of bow. Finally, if you look for any facilitation for your bow, please do not look over this high-quality product.

08. Buffalo Compound Bow Sights


Buffalo compound bow sights is designed with fibre 0.019 inches and 5-pin configuration for high performance. It is constructed with stainless steel tubes to protect fibre and ensure durability. Moreover, the circular field is large, so you can view with sight light easily. This product can be customized, so it will fit every shooting style perfectly. Finally, the mounting style can be adjusted up to your convenience.

07. Truglo Brite-Site Xtreme


Truglo Brite-Site Xtreme bow sight is the lightweight product yet durable. It comes with large circular field for easy viewing. Additionally, the aperture measures 2-inch diameter for high performance. Shooter ring will be bright in darkness to help you align with peep sight correctly. Besides, the built-in level is easy to adjust and it is equipped with two vertical bars. Markings are provided for windage and elevation. Finally, this product is designed with fewer tools to avoid any complicated usage and installation process.

06. Brand New React Compound Bow Sights


Brand New React compound bow sight features the 2-inch diameter aperture for inner side. The tube is stainless steel construction which is able to protect extra-long fibres. The frame of product is built with high-quality materials for high durability, yet it is lightweight to ensure that you will carry your bow effortlessly. Last but not least, this product comes with 0.019-inch fibre optics and 5-pin feature.

05. Archery Essential Accessory Bow Sight


Archery Essential bow sight comes with sight light and level for more adjustment and convenient use. It comes with 5 pin and 0.029-inch fibre, which are the standard features. Moreover, it is designed with many mounting holes for greater stability. Last but not least, some main accessories are included as well such as reversible arrow rest, aluminium-base bow sling, silicone peep sight, rubber stabilizer and braided sling.

04. Bow Sight by Great Deals LLC


Great Deals LLC bow sight is constructed with aluminium material for durability and rust resistance. It features top-grade 0.029-inch fibre optic diameter for clear target view. Also, it is designed with red and green colour that will glow at night. Importantly, markings are suitable for windage and elevation. Finally, it is very convenient to use for both left and right handed users due to its flexible reversibility.

03. Trophy Ridge Blow Sight


This mode of Trophy is constructed with Ballistix Copolymer system, which makes product lightweight yet strong. It comes with built-in sight level for more convenience in shooting. Plus, the 0.019-inch fibre optic pin enables you to view the target precisely. Reversible mounting system enables you to shoot by any hand, right or left. Last but not least, its price is very acceptable if you compare with other products with similar quality in the markets.

02. TruGlo Carbon XS Bow Sight


TruGlo Carbon XS Bow Sight is built with carbon-composite materials to ensure light weight. It is also coated with TRUTOUCH technology making you get the soft and comfortable feeling. Moreover, fibre is very long for your convenience and it is properly protected. In addition, level built-in is easy for adjustment and it comes with two vertical bars. The shooter’s ring will bright in the dark to align peep sight. Finally, reversible bracket enable both left and right handed shooter to use comfortably.

01. Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight


Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight comes with rheostat light that allow you to shoot easily even in low light. It comes with sight level built-in for greater adjustment. In addition, it is designed with 0.019 fibre optic pin which is the standard and effective technology of bow sight. Finally, it is constructed with Ballistix copolymer technology which makes this product more lightweight yet long-lasting. Finally, it comes with multi mounting holes for more stability.

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