The Best Cheap Baseball Bats for Sale 2022 – Consumer Reports

A whole bunch of baseball bats for sale are on the market, and that is the reason why you find it hard to select one quick and easy. As you are here, there is no more worries. We have filtered and found the best cheap baseball bats for sale and reviewed them briefly in the list for your suggestions. These are all different in designs. However, their quality are all great while the pricing are affordable and reasonable. To find your specific favorite ones, you could get across the list down here.

10. Rawlings Adirondack Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat


This Adirondack is a very good bat that is approved by Little League. For its specifications, this bat is made of quality wood marked as Adirondack Ash Barrel, having 2 1/4” handle. It is also certified as 7/8” by Little League. Moreover, for turn model, this product has 242 warranty. Most importantly, this product is not expensive, so you will be able to afford for multiple purchases. Last but not least, this type of bat is also recommended for girls because of its light weight.

9. Easton S50 Youth Baseball Bat


Easton S50 is very special for its construction material of durable aluminum alloy. With its ultra-thin handle measured 29/32” with all sport grip, the player can ensure massive sweet spot with light swing weight and powerful swing hit. More than that, its end is fully rolled-over that is certified by USSSA 1.15. Upon the purchase of this type of bat, you will receive one-year warranty. Last but not least, this type of bat is highly recommended for athletes who have much experience in baseball.

8. Rawlings 2014 ADR Black Ash Baseball Bat


Rawlings ADR is an awesome solid bat made of strong wood, which can ensure crack-free and original formation after long use. This type of product is made for large size barrel. This ADR is very comfortable in hand and it weighs less than 1.8 pound, so you will spend less power on holding the bat. Moreover, this bat is designed for 31/34 handle. More than that, the bat is very stylish for its color, while most bats are more wood-like color, giving it a boring look.

7. Foam Baseball Bat by Constructive Playthings


Foam Baseball bat is made of foam to ensure its durability for multiple touches. This type of bat has a great size and length of, respectively, 2.8 inches in diameter and 26.5 inches. Even though it looks like real wood, but it is no. In spite of the fact that it is not made of real wood, it really safe and soft. Furthermore, this type of bat is much recommended for outdoor play, during your outdoor picnic and parties. More importantly, the sturdy foam is strong enough to fly the hits.

6. Easton 2015 BB15MKT MAKO TORQ


Easton is a very stylish bat that look great for its latest generation. This kind of bat is certified by BBCOR. Furthermore, it has 2 5/8” barrel diameter that goes right with standard balls. To make the handle not slippery and comfortable for handling, Easton is designed with Torq handle with gauze grip composing 31/32” handle. With its Thermo technology, the player can massively spot the right point on the ball. Lastly, you will find it good for your kid to start with because it makes the ball bounce off well.

5. DeMarini 2015 CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat


DeMarini is synthetic bat that is designed to ensure light weight and stronger bat by using Paradox Plus Composite Barrel, leading to perfect swing and maximum pop. More than that, the vibration caused by strong hit can be eliminated with D-Fusion handle, then all the energy will be directed back to the barrel, giving the users a stiffer feel. More importantly, the flat end cap is used to enhance a balanced swing weight. Last but not least, RCK knob is designed to fit your hand perfectly.

4. Easton 2015 FP15MKY MAKO


If you are a beginner for baseball who starts with softball, FP15MKY is highly recommended for you. FP15MKY is designed with aluminum alloy for the end cap. Specially, the handle is cushioned grip that ensure great stability during the swing. Furthermore, it is designed with balance speed, so it make this bat lighter swing in weight. For its handle, it is called ultra-thin handle measuring 29/32”. Because it is suitable for the beginners, so you may be looking for something with good price; and this type of bat is of reasonable price.



YB15MKX is baseball bat that is designed with ultra-thin 29/32” handle attached with performance diamond grip. Beside its handle, its barrel diameter is measured for about 2 inches. Additionally, this type of bat is certified by USSSA, Little League and other significant baseball leagues as a very good product. More importantly, it is also designed with balanced speed, thus the M.O.I will stay low and increase swing speeds. Finally but importantly, the conation technology will maximize the transfer of energy for optimized feel.

2. Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat


Easton YB14S50 is gorgeous baseball bat having length of 26 inches and cushioned-grip ultra-thin 29/32” handle. In addition to its special design on the handle, the hitting area designed with construction material of durable aluminum alloy; and it also has an end that is fully rolled-over for light swing weight and powerful hitting. More importantly, this type of bat is not also used by adults, but it can also be used by older kids aged from 10 up.

1. Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat


Easton YB14S500 is considered the best baseball bat of all choices. This YB14S500 is designed with 7050 aircraft alloy, so it can offer fast swing speed. With its ultra-thin handle of 29/32” attached with pro tack grip, the player will find the handling comfortable and maintain stiffer feeling while making the swings. More than that, this bat is approved by Little League. Along with its special feature and reasonable price, this type of product should be of your first choice.

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