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Indeed, whenever you have a trip with your family or friends, there would be many things to bring with, and the car will not have enough space for it. In that case, you would need the best car roof racks. It would help you to an extent to store certain things on top of your car. Of course, like many other car accessories, many car roof racks are available on the market and are very easy to find one. But, many people face the problem of not knowing which one to choose. No worries, here are the best car roof racks you can trust.

10. Tuff Concepts Cross Bars Roof Rack


Tuff Concepts roof rack is designed perfectly to fit with 4-model cars, and trucks. It is able to attach with window frames for stability. Importantly, it is adjustable to fit with car roof up to 47.25 inches. Furthermore, it can be used with other roof accessories like snowboard mountings, roof racks, and bike rack. The bar is made of heavy-duty steel and plastic with black finish for strength and durability. Finally, this product is removable, so you can put only when you need.



ARKSEN roof rack can haul cargo bags, luggage, and camping equipment stably and tightly. It is designed with extra-large size and capacity, so it is very suitable for big family and friend trip. The bottom bars are sturdy metal. Furthermore, the basket length can be expanded up to 23 inches for more extra storage. With the dimension of 23-inch length, 39-inch width, and 6-inch height, this product can fit with most car top roof and window frame.

08. TMS Cargo Rack


TMS cargo rack is designed with adjustable fitting feature to attach on roof up to 47.25 inches. The frame is steel construction plus sturdy plastic with black finish for high durability and rust resistance. It can attach with car roof easily without drilling required and it is removable so you can take it out when you no longer need it. Finally, it can be used with other accessories such as bike racks, and snowboard mountings.

07. SKY1701 Roof Cross Bar


This roof rack mode of Best Choice Products can attach perfectly with car, truck and SUVs. The rack is adjustable to fit with your items tightly, so you can travel with confidence on the long road. It is designed ergonomically for quick and fast installation and removal. In addition, it is made of durable steel for high durability. Finally, its price is very affordable, so you should try this product once for luggage storage and seat space saving.

06. Malone Pro Universal Car Rack


Malone car rack comes with 4-point gunwale system, which allows the rack to attach securely on the roof. It is equipped with padded deck area, which is able offer high protection for canoe and gunwales storage. Importantly, it is UV-resistant and corrosion-proof for longevity. In addition, the platform is poly-carbon material that is able to attach to round, oval, square cross rails properly. Finally, it also adds 12-foot buckle straps to keep your belongings safe.

05. TMS Rack Cargo Top Luggage Holder


TMS rack is created of sturdy steel and coated with black powder for durability, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. With large capacity up to 150 lbs., it can store any objects you do not want to place in your car. With the overall dimension of 43.5-inch length, 39-inch width, and 6.5-inch height, this product is accommodated with square cross bars. Finally, it is designed with wind fairing for noise and vibration reduction.

04. Roof Rack Cargo by Rage Powersports


Roof Rack Cargo by Rage Powersports can be attached with any car types from compact to big size. The strap is included with alligator clip to attach inside the vehicle for high safety. Importantly, it can adjust from 37 inches to 45 inches to fit with your car roof perfectly. Its storage capacity is about 150 lbs. Finally, this product is made of durable steel for strong support.

03. Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bars


Thule roof rack bar is designed in aerodynamic bar, which will cut the wind properly and reduce wind noise. Moreover, the integrated T-slot allows you to mount the bar with roof easily. It also comes with SmartsSlide molded measurement system that enables you to install without hassle and quickly. Besides, it is created of box-beam aluminium for high strength and it can support up to 800 lbs. of force.

02. Roof Luggage Cargo Rack by Rage Powersports


This rack mode of Range PowerSports is built with 1-inch diameter steel frame and coated with black paint finish to resist with corrosion and rust, and to ensure longevity. It comes with many tie-down points to make sure that the rack will stay stably with your vehicle. Furthermore, it features the wind fairing, which is able to reduce noise, vibration and wind resistance. Finally, it is designed ergonomically to make you assemble and install easily in just seconds.

01. Malone Auto Car Roof Rack

Best Car Roof Racks

This product of Malone rack is built with square shape, which will fit tightly with most rack accessories. It comes with mounting feet to fit with most side rails. Besides, the bar is rubberized to ensure rust and corrosion resistance. This product is designed ergonomically to help you assemble and install quickly without any tools required. Finally, it is able to support up to 132 pounds for large capacity storage.

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