The Best Cable Puller 2022 – Consumer Reports

For this post, the article features the best cable puller products. These selected ones to mention are the among the very good quality ones you can actually trust. At the same time, if you look at the design, you can tell this cable pullers are great and will bring you good convenient for your work. On the other hand, if you are to look for one of them, you can simply check the listing below. It could find you the right one quick and easier.

10. Current Tool 33 Cable Puller


Current Tool cable puller is the high-speed device which can support up to 3000 pounds effectively. It is designed with rolling base to move around the working site with ease. In addition, it comes with quick-release conduit couplings for high performance. It also operates with powerful two-speed motor for fast operation. Besides, it is equipped with lubricated vent free gearbox for better output. Finally, this product weighs only 70 pounds for easy mobility and portability.

09. Koch 201240 Tradesman Cable Puller


Koch 201240 Tradesman cable puller is constructed with sturdy alloy body. The frame and handle is rugged to ensure durability and rust resistance. It comes with dual locking pawls and hook equipped with safety latch for convenient carrying. Furthermore, the grip is coated with vinyl for high comfort. The gear is double and aluminum construction for greater performance. Finally, it is able to support up 8,000 pounds.

08. XtremepowerUS Power Puller


XtremepowerUS Power Puller is designed with sturdy steel construction and coated with galvanized finish to ensure longevity, corrosion resistance and rust resistance. The cable is aircraft-grade steel materials to lift the heavy objects effectively and securely. Moreover, the cable size is 13-inch length and 0.3125-inch diameter. The catch hook is designed with forged self-closing safety feature. Finally, its price is very affordable, so you can choose this product for your personal use in your house, garage, or farm.

07. Powerbuilt Cable Puller 642245


642245 Powerbuilt cable puller is designed with sturdy steel bolts. Its frame is made of heavy-duty steel construction. The hook is drop-forged steel that is equipped with latches for secure carrying. It is built with thumb control release system for high safety while operating. In addition, gear pawl is attached on self-aligning steel pool for greater outcome. Finally, the cable is steel construction with 12-inch length and 0.18-inch diameter dimension.

06. Sportsman Series MP2T Mini Power Puller


Sportsman Series MP2T power puller is mini device constructed with galvanized heavy gauge steel for durability and strength. It is also designed with thumb control release to ensure the maximum safety. Moreover, it comes with sturdy frame bolts. For convenient carrying your heavy objects, the puller comes with 2-drop catch hooks. The cable measures 10 feet for easier operation. Finally, its high support capacity is up to 2 tons equal to 4,000 pounds.

05. Maasdam Pow’R Pull 8000SB Cable Puller


Maasdam 8000SB cable puller is the US-made product that can hold up to 4 tons. The cable is designed with 0.83-inch diameter and 6-inch length for heavy support. Furthermore, it is constructed with steel alloy pawls, and aluminum alloy ratchet wheel for high safety and performance. It is also designed with Notch-At-A Time technology for easy and fast control. The hook comes with safety latches to ensure that your object will be lifted securely. Finally, the handle grip is non-slip plastic materials.

04. TEKTON 5541 Power Puller


TEKTON 5541 power puller comes with ratcheting gear pulley system, so you can control the machine effortlessly and easily with one hand only. The product is constructed with long-lasting steel and galvanized finish for durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, the notch-at-a-time system will reduce the tension automatically. The cable is top-grade steel and measures 0.1875-inch diameter. Finally, if you look for high-quality cable puller for at-home usage, please do not look over this affordable product.

03. Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6


Maasdam 144S-6 is able to lift the heavy items in the length of 12 inches perfectly. The aluminum alloy ratchet wheel ensures the smooth operation. In addition, it also features the interlocking precision fit for high safety. It is equipped with steel alloy pawls for strength. Besides, the size of cable is 0.1875 inches to hold up to 1-ton capacity. Finally, it is US-made product, so its high quality is ensured.

02. Neiko 02256A Cable Puller


Neiko 02256A is built with sturdy steel construction for durability and strength. Additionally, the handle is equipped with PVC coated grip for comfortable hold. It also comes with 3 latching hooks for better safety. In addition, it is designed with double gear for high performance. Last but not least, it is able to support up to 5 tons in construction, home or frame use.

01. TEKTON 5547 Power Puller

Best Cable Puller

TEKTON 5547 Power Puller is designed with ratchet gear pulling system to enable you to use only single hand to control the operation. It includes automatic notch-at-a-time system to release tension. Importantly, the locking pawls and sturdy double steel gears will enable you to lift the objects smoothly and fast. Plus, the cable is durable and strong, and you can use it for single and double line use. Moreover, it is constructed with heavy-duty steel and coated with galvanized finish for durability and corrosion resistance.

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