The Best Bell Bike Helmets 2022 – Consumer Reports

Cycling not only creates fun and good health, but also induces style. Cycling is indeed a great habit. If you are doing it and in love with it, you are taking advantages from it a lot. By the way, you have to be safe on the ride, and that is to have the best bell bike helmet with you all the time. If you have difficulties finding the right ones, you may want to check the listing below. It contains high quality and nicely-designed best bell bike helmets for this year.

10. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet


Not many helmets can satisfy many sport targets like Bell Fraction. With many colors, this helmet brand can also be found in different sizes. It is the best helmet for biking and skating. Bell Fraction uses ABS strong plastic for functioning shell. Moreover, the shell is designed to have 12 vents, which aims to reduce rider’s tension while biking. Especially, the helmet is well made to suit BMX riding. This type also comes with one-year warranty.

9. Bell Solar Bike Helmet


With the weight of only 64 pounds, Solar Bike is shaped fashionably for super biking style. This helmet is included with ErgoDial Fit system which can be used for all kinds of head size. The special feature of this helmet appears to be tough shell, a fine polycarbonate mixture. This shell can protect head from injury well, and it is made with 23 vents for needed air in and out to create head pressure.

8. Bell Adrenaline Bike Helmet


This is another great helmet with compact shape and stylish graphic design. There are overall 16 vents spotted on the shell to keep riders’ good feeling during cycling. This helmet perfectly suits size between 56 to 60 centimeters. Then, the helmet is closely tied to riders’ head by using pinch buckle mode. More than that, a well-built visor is designed to protect face and head from sun exposure.

7. Bell Array Bike Helmet


Born to be a strong bear, Array is finally revealed with great designed structure for modern cycling. There are 24 vents designed to get air coming through the helmet to keep your head cool without drag. Moreover, the vents also allows air passes from front to back. For those who like specific stylish and sleek helmet for the road, this is a great choice. Furthermore, this helmet is also well planned for coloring.

6. Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet


Because the helmet is designed for kids, its colorful graphic on the shell is eye-catching for small kids. This helmet is also included with seven vents on the top shell to make sure there is enough air and no head pressure. Moreover, the shell is attached with a strong straps that uses pinch guard to fasten the head very closely. The so called Half Nelson makes its presence here with Zoomer; therefore, it is more encouraging for kids to wear it.

5. Bell Stoker Bike Helmet – Matte White/Silver Braille Medium


The product that has been reviewed with an amazing rate is Stoker that is finished in glossy silver surface and beautiful graphic at the back. The shell itself is made in fine molded polycarbonate. Its 13 vents are built large in strong construction so this helmet does not cause any pressure during cycling. Of course, its good-looking visor can be easily changed with VPV adjustable system.

4. Bell Muni Bicycle Road Helmet


Because of modest weight, subtle styling, and colour choice, Muni is an attractive urban/commuting helmet. It has a three-point-size adjustment to set whilst off your head, a combination of an elasticated band at the back, and multi-position chin strap. For safety reason, this helmet comes with a rear strap, which allows additional rear flasher and adjustable Bell’s Flip Mirror that helps your visibility on the busy road.

3. Bell Women’s Thalia Bike Helmet


The Bell Women’s Thalia helmet is comfortable and stylish. This helmet is made for sizes ranging from 55 to 57 centimeters. Its specialization includes the True Fit system that completely provide cozy fit and additional 16 vents that will keep you cool while riding. The PinchGuard is a great feature that is always pinch-free buckling every time. Its more quality is the visor that protects you from sunlight and other elements during the ride.

2. Bell Gage Stripes Bike Helmet


There are some enough reasons to buy Bell Gage Stripes to be your bike’s partner. This is a new design from Bell with a trimmer and sleeker shape, great airflow, lighter, a comfortable fit and high-end features at a relatively reasonable price. While the X-Static padding is pleasantly resistant to odor and comfortable on bare skin, the solid brow pad doesn’t allow much air to pass across the forehead. This allowed more sweat to drip into our eyes and sunglasses than we’d prefer. It is recommended for road cycling with 1-year warranty.

1. Bell Octane Bike Helmet


Bell Octane is a kind of bike helmet structured to give you an easy wear. It also contains a visor that can protect riders from brutal sunlight, and the visor can be detached to make rider’s favorite style. Moreover, the helmet has a Cam-lock strap that is easily changed by using one hand. Plus, its button system makes a close, cozy, and warm wear on the head. All of these features are finished in shiny blue color.

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