The Best Air Hockey Table Review 2022 – Consumer Reports

In this article, it will feature the Best Air Hockey Table reviews. If you are looking for one to play home, the list will find you a good one with affordable price. Some of them are as well designed unique and great. To really see which one that interests you the most, you may check the listing below here. Like many other air hockey lovers, you will likely be exciting about these.

10. NG1009H Air Hockey Table by Blue Wave


Blue Wave NG1009H Air Hockey is built of 1/8 CARB MDF materials with laminate coating for high durability and smooth surface. It operates with 110 V electric blower for high performance. Plus, the 2 AAA batteries are needed but it is not provided. Moreover, it measures the standard size of 60-inch length, 26-inch width, and 31-inch height, which allows you to play conveniently. Importantly, it comes with dual goal box which is designed with puck return system.

09. Medal Sports Hockey Table


Medal sports hockey table is constructed with high quality MDF, sturdy plastic and PVC. In addition, the side trail scorer is electronic device which makes you play with your partners easily without any disturbance. It also comes with durable leg designed with support panel. Finally, its dimension is 48-inch length, 24-inch width, and 30-inch height, which enables kids to play as well.

08. Atomic Blazer Hockey Table


Atomic Blazer hockey table features the electronic score that displays with rail-integrated feature. The 120V blower will make you play air hockey easily. Moreover, it is designed with overhang rails that can reduce the puck bounce effectively. The leg levelers are equipped to ensure that you will play on even surface. Last but not least, it comes with 4 black pucks and 4 black strikers, so you can play immediately after buying this set.

07. Viper Vancouver Air Hockey Game Table


Viper Vancouver air hockey table comes with electronic scorer in the shape of sleek triangle for easy visibility and elegant outlook. It operates with 110V motor to generate air circulation in 80 cubic feet per minute, so the pucks will move smoothly. Furthermore, the playing surface is designed perfectly with glossy white screen making you feel like playing on the real ice rink. It also features the dual end rail puck return for fast movement.

06. Fat Cat Original Pockey Game Table


Fat Cat Pockey game table is the versatile product with the combination of air hockey and billiard table. This 7-foot table will enable you to play both games easily by just flipping the sides. Air hockey side is designed with white smooth playing surface that allows the pucks to go smoothly. Some accessories are provided like pusher and pucks. In addition, the billiard side comes in complete set like green felt surface, drop pockets, cues and balls.

05. Triumph Sports Air Hockey Table


This Triumph sports product is designed with swivel board technology for your high convenience. It is also constructed with standard size that can place in any room easily without consuming much space. The top of the table is high-gloss to ensure that the puck will move smoothly and quickly. Additionally, scorer display is electronic device run with 2 AAA batteries. The side of the table is 48-inch length, 24-inch width, and 30-inch height. Finally, the price is very affordable with some useful accessories provided: 2 red pucks and 2 pushers.

04. Hathaway Air Hockey Table


Hathaway Air Hockey Table features the dual goal boxes which are designed with automatic puck return technology. Moreover, it is MDF construction and laminate covering. The blocker is 110 V UL approved device which is easy to use and control. Moreover, two 3-inch strikers are provided with two 2.5-inch pucks that allow you to play happily. Finally, this high-quality table comes with complete set of hockey table for your convenient play.

03. Harvil Air Hockey Table


Havil Air Hockey Table is designed with compact dimension of 48-inch length, 24-inch width, and 31-inch height that allows you to place in the room perfectly. In addition, it is CARB certified MDF wood which is coated with laminated blue graphic. The electric blower is operated with 110V which will provide the high effectiveness. Besides, the legs are designed in L-shape for space saving and high stability. Plus, leg levelers are able to use for level playing surface properly. Finally, the scoring display unit is provided.

02. Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table


Sport Squad HX40 is designed with premium materials to ensure the smooth top surface for high performance. This product can be assembled quickly and easily in just minutes. Furthermore, the goal boxes are provided to keep the pucks easily. Finally, two pucks and two pushers are included in one package. Last but not least, its price is affordable if you compare to other products in the markets.

01. Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey


The playcraft air hockey table measures 40-inch width, 8-inch height, and 20-inch diameter, which is the standard size usable even young kids. The frame is constructed with MDF hardwood that is durable and can place on any table easily. In addition, it is operated with powerful motor that is able to generate airflow up to 100 cubic feet per minute for smooth puck sliding. Finally, it comes with ABS puck catcher that enables the pucks to return quickly.

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