Best Water Filter Pitcher 2022 – Consumer Reports

For best water filter pitcher, you would find one from the list below. Our team has gone through and reviewed many of the best quality and design of best water filter pitchers, and we finally bring the top ones for you to see, These best water filter pitcher will serve your drinking well while they are extremely affordable in price. They as well get rated quite positive, and are highly recommended by its previous users and buyers. Do not wait, and you can check these out below.

10. Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher


Brita filter pitcher can be store up to 10 cups of water. It comes with one high-quality filter, which is able to eliminate chlorine taste and odor. Importantly, some mineral or chemical is also removed for pure drinking water like zinc, mercury, copper, and cadmium. The filter is designed with one indicator, so it will give signal when it requires change. In addition, this product is BPA-free, which will not cause any risk to your health. Finally, it features one comfortable grip handle for easy carry and pouring.

09. BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher


BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher is designed with the latest Magnesium technology. It has capacity to eliminate chlorine, scale, and heavy metals for pure drinking. Meanwhile, it is able to add magnesium to your fresh water to provide the natural taste. The magnesium is very important for every people and it can prevent some sickness caused by lacking of magnesium. Finally, its storage capacity is up to 27 liters and this pitcher is designed with green color for natural look.

08. PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher


PUR 7 Cup pitcher is able to reduce taste and odor of mercury and chlorine up to 95%. The filter is equipped with life indicator, so users will drink will confident until any changes happen with the filter. Furthermore, it is built perfectly to offer antimicrobial protection. A filter life will approximately provide up to 40 gallons, which is about two months of fresh drinking water. This pitcher is designed with clear outlook so you will see easily any debris falling in.

07. Clearly Filtered Filter Pitcher


Filter Pitcher by Clearly Filtered features effective filter that can remove fluoride up to 90% and makes sure that you will drink fresh water every day. The filter life can be used about 200 gallons. Its 64 oz. capacity is the ideal one among any pitchers. Plus, it is equipped with one handle that allows you to hold conveniently. Finally, if you have problem with pure drinking over, please do not look over this high-quality and effective product.

06. Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Pitcher by Life Ionizer


Life Ionizer water pitcher is designed for the combination of your good health and convenience. It comes with easy-to-grip handle that allows you to pour easily and stably. Moreover, the filling path is designed perfectly to enable you to refill the water in just seconds. In addition, this product is built with safe materials without any BPA polycarbonate. The filter can be used up to 20 months, approximately 40 gallons. Finally, its storage capacity is about 2l but its shape is compact so you can place in your refrigerator easily.

05. PUR Water Filter Pitcher CR-4000 by Kaz


PUR Filter Pitcher CR-4000 by Kaz is able to remove 99.9% of microbial cysts including chlorine, so you will get clean and naturally tasting water whenever you want. The filter is constructed carefully to ensure that any debris and unfiltered water does not mix. Moreover, the filter life can be ensured up to 40 gallons, which is approximately about 2 months.

04. Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser


This mode of Brita is a big rectangular pitcher, equipped with water spigot, which can store up to 18 cups of water. The filter is designed with activated carbon and ion exchange resin that can remove all risky substances like mercury, copper, and cadmium. Additionally, it made of BPA-free materials, so you can drink the water with confidence in long time by just removing the filter for every 40 gallons. Finally, this product will be backed with 90-day limited warranty.

03. ZeroWater ZP-010 Pitcher


ZeroWater ZP-010 Pitcher comes with 5-stage Ion filter, which is able to remove all risky contaminant substances like lead, mercury, chromium and sulfide effectively. In addition, the TDS testing meter is included in the pitcher, so you can see the level of TDS clearly and are aware of the time to change the filter clearly. Moreover, it features built-in spigot to dispense the water conveniently without lifting the pitcher.

02. MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris Filtration Pitcher


MAVEA filtration pitcher is able to provide you fresh drinking water. It is designed perfectly for easy to use; you can replace the filter with ease without any complicated process. Moreover, the handle is attached for easy pouring. Its construction materials are BPA-free, so it will not cause any chemical substances to the water. It comes with many colors and sides for your preference. Finally, its price is not expensive if you consider about its high quality and function.

01. ZeroWater ZD-018 Filtration System


ZeroWater ZD-018 is able to remove chromium, mercury, lead, and hydrogen sulfide which are risky contaminant substances up to 99.63%. With 5-stage dual Ion Exchange filter, it will provide you the water without any odor. Furthermore, it is equipped with built-in meter holder that allows you to know TDS level clearly and you can change the filter on time. In addition, flip-up lid is added for easy refilling without wasting the water. Finally, the compact shape allows you to place the pitcher in refrigerator easily, so you will get not only pure but also cold water.

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