The Best Paint Sprayer Review 2022 – Consumer Reports

Here is the list of the best paint sprayer reviews to check out if you are seeking for a nice one to make up your home with new colors. These paint sprayers have been carefully selected from many of the available designs and brands on the market. While its quality is great, many users are also highly satisfied with their durability, design and convenient use. They are the top best paint sprayers, in short. That is why they have been picked up to present to you as the suggestions. You will have a lot of time and money buying one of these while you will enjoy your spraying to the max.

10. Krause & Becker Paint Cup


Krause & Becker paint spray is able to provide high flow rate, up to 5 gallons per hour, which will spread and cover your target wall or object perfectly. It comes with 24 oz. paint cup made of top-grade polypropylene. It also features the gun including piston rod and cylinder assembly for easy usage. Furthermore, the cup is equipped with hanger for high effectiveness. Finally, it provides 175 PSI working pressure for high speed and better performance.

09. Cartman AC110V Control HVLP Sprayer


Cartman AC110V Sprayer is constructed ergonomically to spray light body materials, stains, or sealers effectively with low overspray. It can spray in three patterns: vertical, horizontal, and circular with ease. Moreover, it is designed with Lock-n-Go system that allows you to change your materials fast without any tools required. It weighs only 3.3 pounds, so your arm is not tried fast while spraying. Finally, this product is not expensive, so you should consider buying this product for at-home use.

08. Neiko 31216A Air Paint Spray Gun


Neiko 31216A is constructed with high volume and low pressure technology to provide improved outcome. The gun can spray with round and flat control for your preference. Importantly, it operates fast and provides you the variety of fan pattern. In addition, it provides up to 40 PSI working pressure with the air consumption of 4.5 cubic feet per minute. Some main features are included for your convenience: air valve, aluminum cup, nozzle, and gauge.

07. HomeRight C800879 Paint Sprayers by Power-Flo Pro


Power-Flo Pro Paint Sprayers C800879 can provide up to 2800 PSI operating pressure with spraying capacity of 24 gallons in one minute. Additionally, the spray gun is swivel, which allows you to spray your object easily in various directions. The reversible spray tip is added for quick clog cleaning. Besides, a sturdy leg is included to support the motor, so stability will be ensured.

06. Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus


Graco 257025 features the sturdy SG2 spray gun that has capacity to spray your materials in various patterns and it is able to lower overspray as well. Furthermore, the hose offered is long and durable. Some important tools are added as well for high effectiveness and efficiency: cleaning adapter, storage fluid, and tip guard. Finally, the operation DVD and start-up instruction are provided to make sure that you will use this product correctly.

05. Neiko 31215A Air Spray Gun


Neiko 31215A air spray gun is constructed with high volume and low pressure. It is able to provide operating pressure up to 40 PSI and the air consumption of 4.5 cubic feet per minute. Moreover, it can be used at home or for professional purpose with the capacity of 1.7mm nozzle spray. Plus, the 600cc cup is aluminum material which is durable and rust-resistant. This product is also coated with metal Nickel finish for longer lasting. The air-adjusting valve is provided for safe and better output.

04. Wagner 0518050 Paint Sprayer


Wagner 0518050 paint sprayer can spray all thin materials including stains, sealers, and so forth. With the special-designed gun, it is able to minimize the overspray for your efficiency. Besides, it also includes the Lock-n-Go feature that allows you to change material quickly and easily. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use since it comes with two durable cups: 1 quart small job and 1.5 quart for larger job. Finally, the flow control is adjustable, so you can limit it up to your demand conveniently.

03. Graco Magnum 262800 Paint Sprayer


Graco 262800 comes with all useful and durable parts such as full trigger, in-handle filter, and easy-to-hold handle. It features flush cleaning adapter that is easy and fast for cleaning. Importantly, the auto prime system is included to minimize the problems involved with debris and dirtiness left from previous spray. In addition, the airless hose measures 25 feet for your convenience, and is made of Duraflex material for durability and flexibility.

02. HomeRight C800766 Sprayer


HomeRight C800766 sprayer features the adjustable spray control, which enables you to work with different objects properly. The spray pattern can be changed differently based on your job: horizontal, vertical, or round. Importantly, this product comes with the complete set without any complicated materials or process required like hose, pump, or air compressor. Finally, the container can store up to 27 ounces for heavy job.

01. Wagner 0518080 HVLP Sprayer

The Best Paint Sprayer in Review

This mode of Wagner is the bestselling product due to its durability, effectiveness, and easy-to-use feature. It is designed with air pressure control, which is able to lower the overspray though it is used with very thin materials. Furthermore, the high flex hose can be extended until 20 foot, which allows you to work conveniently without worry about the distance. To enhance the outcome, it comes with 3 spray patterns, horizontal, vertical, and circular, because we understand that to make a good painting you need to be flexible with painting position.

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