Top 5 Best Baby Playpen Reviews 2018

You are sure to look for the best baby playpen as you have come here. Yes, indeed. We have top 5 best baby playpen reviews to recommend you in the list. Actually, our team has taken about 4 days to select, review, evaluate and finally pick up the last 5 to review in the list below. You could check out the brief description and design of each one below. You will see the differences, and you could decide after that. Talking about the quality and design for kids, they are among the very popular ones. Kids are very likely to love them. Not to waste more time, you may have a quick look into the reviewing list. For pricing, it is not a problem at all. It is cheap and very affordable.

1.Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard



This Summer Infant Pop portable playard is one of the interesting choice we have selected for your consideration. Best to use indoor and outdoor, this is a freestanding and portable playard for kids. Its size is approximately 14 square feet by its 48 inch wide and 26 inch tall. The playard is made beautiful with a lovely design for kids. At the same time, it is lightweight, and it has the folding metal frame which is easily unfolded when you do not need it. For storage, it is also very convenient with such a foldability feature. For the sides, they are mesh with good visibility. For floor, it is canvas material which is very weather resistant so that you can either have kids having fun indoor and outdoor. If you have to take it with your trip, it is not a problem either. You and your kids will surely love the design of this best baby playpen.

2.North States Superyard Colorplay 8 Panel Playard



The second best baby playpen we find very interesting to suggest is the North States Superyard Colorplay. This baby planpen has a nice design which kids love to be around with. Also, it is found to have a high quality with eight panels. These panels allowup to the enclosed area of about 34.45 square feet. It is large enough for kids to enjoy their play. For height, it comes with the free standing design at 26 inch tall. In addition, this playard has smart sticky nonslip pads. The padds are good on different surface types, and it will surely not scratch your floors. The material of this baby playpen is also very weather resistant. That means this baby playpen is also great to use outdoor. However, it is very easy to clean. There is not a worry about that. This is a product of USA, and the overall quality is extremely well done. You thus can rest assured on the item.

3.Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard



The third recommended playyard for kids is the Summer Infant Secure playsafe Playard. This freestanding design of the best baby playpen is very well made with good portability. It is made from high quality plastic with lightweight, and it comes with the easy carrying handle. The item can be used indoor or outdoor perfectly. At 50 inch tall, the panels included could enclose an area of about 18.5 square feet for your kids to enjoy their play time. Among all features, the playard comes additionally with the walk-through door for convenient access. Related to the appearance, as you could see in the picture. With a very affordable price and these interesting features, the Summer Infant Secure playard has become a very popular one. As a result, many have reviewed the item very positively. A good satisfaction has been served to parents and kids.

4.Evenflo Versatile Play Space, Espresso



The second last is Evenflo Versatile Play Space. This is one of the popular playard choices for kids. Very good for both indoor and outdoor use, this play space for kids is perfectly designed to create the joyful environment for kids. At the same time, it has a lot of helpful features. For one, it comes with the reversible legs which serve a good stability. It additionally has the floor pads. They are stickly and will make the wall standing freely on different surfaces you might have. For the space, the playard is made to create an area of about 18.5 square feet for kids while its height is 28 inches. For assembling, it is really not a problem. It can be done quickly and easily alone. In that, it has the unique hinge design which makes the connection working great and smooth. Lastly, good portability is also there. The best baby playpen of this design comes with the foldable handle to help carrying it around extremely convenient.

5.Baby Playpen Kids 14 Panel Safety Play Center Yard



The 5th best baby playpen is this 14 panel safety center yard. Yes, it contains 14 pieces as for the panels, and this build is perfectly made for kids up to 4 years old. With beautiful design that kids love, the playard has had the hourse picture, play phone as well as the spinning balls. For material, it mainly is produced from PE which could ensure a good durability and quality for your use. For each of the panel, it measures about 31 x 23.5 inches. Also, you have a good flexibility with this playard design as the 14 panels could be interchanged. Thus, you can decide the space you might need for your kids to enjoy in. It is extremely easy to adjust that size in addition to space. Another very nice feature is it has the safety lock for its door. This is very good and it gives you confidence that kids will always play safely inside the playard.

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