The Best Dog Dryers in Review 2018

Indeed, after washing your dogs, you would need to dry their fur otherwise, it could messy up your house within seconds. Actually, it is not difficult at all to find one of the best dog dryers to help you dry their fur before it runs everywhere in the house again. The best dog dryers that we have picked up for your consideration down here are among the best designed ones with extremely good quality and durability. Importantly, they are very easy to use to blow and dry your dogs’ fur. You may enjoy their brief review down here.

10. Dog Pet Grooming Dryer/Heater by Flying Pig Grooming


Flying Pig Grooming dryer is operated with the powerful motor with the capacity of 8.0 Peak H.P/22.72 amps, which is able to provide strong wind flow effectively. It can produce up to 62,000 feet per minutes with silent operation. With high technology, the air is warm for fast drying. In addition, this product is lightweight, which is easy for taking on the go. Importantly, it is built with steel shell and double motors for high durability. Finally, this product will be backed with one-year warranty.

09. Xpower Pet Dryer


Xpower pet dryer is designed with the newest 1/4 HP Brushless DC Motor which is able to provide airflow up to 300 CFM with ease. It comes with 5 foldable legs which are locked with 360-degree swivel casters, so you can turn this machine to any angle easily. It also features the Anion function, which is able to reduce the pressure 5FT. Finally, it is lightweight which can be taken on the go conveniently.

08. Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer/Heater by Flying Pig Grooming


This mode of Flying Pig Grooming is made of steel shell to ensure high durability. It comes with a flexible hose measuring 10 feet, which allows you to dry your dog easily. It is also equipped with two different nozzles and filter for easy operation. Additionally, it can produce warm air for fast drying. Finally, you will be offered one-year warranty to assure the high quality.

07. Zeny Pet Dryer


Zeny pet dryer is able to produce different air speed output from 15 m/s to 50 m/s. It features the high-quality hose, which is connected carefully with machine to ensure efficient installation and easy detach. Made of all-steel material, it is powerful and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is designed with 2-step heating temperature and 3 air outlets for high performance. Finally, its price is not expensive if you think about its good quality and easy-to-control function.

06. Pet Dryer by Metro Vacuum


Metro Vacuum is designed with fully assemble, so you can use it instantly after buying. Made with premium steel, it is operated with two motors and dual fan, which can produce air volume up to 229 CFM. Besides, it is equipped with the flexible hose with the dimension of 10 feet by 1.5 inches. Moreover, the nozzle is neoprene material, which is heavy-duty. This machine is powerful and easy to use with all pets. Last but not least, you will be offered one-year warranty.

05. Metro Air Force Steel Commander Variable Speed Dog Dryer


This Metro dog dryer is made of top-grade rugged steel. It features the solid-state variable speed control that allows you to control over the airflow easily. It comes with detachable air filter for easy cleaning. Moreover, the dual mounted legs are flexible which enable you to use this product vertically and horizontally. With the dimension of 20-inch length, 7.5-inch height, and 8.33-inch width, it is compact and lightweight, so you can carry it easily with less fatigue. It is operated with 4.0 Horsepower motor that can provide air speed up to 28,000 FPM for fast and effective performance.

04. Andis Pet Dryer (75310)


75310 Andis dryer is compact and easy-to-use product ever for drying your smart dog. You can use it with or without stand and importantly it is able to use for any dog size. In addition, this product operates quietly but can provide the powerful air for fast performance. Hands-free hair drying is included for convenient holding. Besides, the air filter is removable for easy cleaning.

03. Andis 60070 Pet Dryer


Andis 60070 Pet Dryer comes with the ironic technology, which is able to break up the water molecules, so your pet’s hair will be dried faster and revitalized for softer and shinier finish. Plus, the ceramic system can retain the moisture in your pet’s coat, so it will not cause any risk to their skin. It operates with 1875 watts of drying power, which will increase the drying speed and effectiveness. Additionally, it will be operated quietly for your comfort.

02. Metro Air Force Dryer


This mode of Metro dryer is made in USA, so its quality is ensured. With 1.3 horsepower, it is able to provide powerful air that can increase the drying speed up to 70% compared to the traditional one. In addition, some important features are included like 6-foot stretch hose, air flare tool, and nozzle. The shoulder strap is included with mounting hook to make sure that you will this dry comfortably. Finally, this product is compact and lightweight, which is easy to handle and take with on the go.

01. Metrovac’s Pet Grooming Dryer by Metro Vacuum

Best Dog Dryers

This product of Metro Vacuum is operated with 4.0 Peak H.P, which is able to reduce the drying time up to 75%. It comes with two-speed option, so you can choose it depended to your need for energy consumption and high efficiency. In addition, it is created of top-grade steel for longer lasting and professional use. Due to its compact design, it is easy for portability. Finally, it will be backed with one-year warranty.


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