The Best Car Top Carrier in Review 2018

Besides the car roof racks, you might also need the best car top carrier to actually bring many things more with you on your trip. As our team has reviewed many of the products online, we have seen many interesting ones which might be extremely favorable for you. We thus have compiled them here along with brief review of each suggested product. For details of those best car top carrier reviews, you could scan through below.

10. 100S20


This Rightline Gear Sport 2 Car Top Carrier is designed to be so economical in term of gas pump. With its pure 100 percent waterproof, it would protect your belongings all the way of your long journey even if going through rainy days. Additionally, constructed from nylon mesh with PVC and hydrotuff material, it is durable and UV protected. The ZipRight Zipper system which works best to keep the water out during an awful raining drops. Its stuff sack would always keep your things dry and clean.

9. 100E20


The Edge Car Top Carrier 100E20 model is also a line product of Rightline Gear. It is specifically constructed for crossovers, minivans, and SUVs. For a quick and easy loading, just unzip 3/4 of the way round. Moreover, this can be used with or without a roof rack. Its capacity is 15 cubic feet with water resistant quality, as well as UV protection against fading. You could even fit your suitcases or stroller in this too. No worries for space for your travel, this will be your best companion.

8. RoofBag


This is a soft car top carrier by Roofbag which is made for any car, SUV or van. It provides great protection and premium quality. Made with waterproof fabric, zippers flap and repellent straps, it could withstand rough handling and severe weather conditions. Importantly, this RoofBag could carry your belongings across country with its capacity of 15 cubic feet. Moreover, it is equipped with unique Aerodynamic design, offering a silent ride and fuel saving. Two years warranty of manufacturing is provided.

7. Carrier Bundle


The RoofBag Carrier Bundle is comprised of storage bag, Roofbag carrier, and non-slip roof mat. It could carry of top cargo bag with 11 to 15 cubic feet. Most importantly, all of the materials made are water-resistant which could withstand heavy weather condition. Moreover, this is designed to fit with any van, SUV and car with or without a roof rack. Its straps are long lasting with water repellent and heavy duty seat belt. The zipper and zipper flap are all waterproof and no exposed stitching.

6. 100S30


The 100S30 Sport 3 Car top carrier is also a product line of Rightline Gear. Its capacity provided is much more than normal car carrier could offer. Featured with dual seam technology, this car top carrier is 100 percent water resistant. Moreover, it is well designed for SUV’s and minivans whether have or do not have roof rack. Made with premium PVC mesh and UV protection, this claimed to be the most durable carrier in the market.

5. 1038900


This top bag carrier from Highland could carry for about 15 cubic feet and includes a storage sack for later use. Additionally, the zipper closure with rain flap is designed for easier access to cargo. Specifically, this Highland is made of sonically welded seams rather than sewn seams. All of materials made of water proof to protect and reduce the moisture migrating into the bag while being used. All in all, this soft sided car top cargo bag is a great value and rugged performer.

4. 100S10


With two other products line, this is the most basic one by Rightline Gear. The Sport 1 Car top carrier could store for 12 cubic feet with dual seam technology as welded waterproof and sewn for strength. In addition, it is designed for sedans, crossovers, and wagons and could be fit with larger vehicles with or without a roof rack. It is made of PVC mesh and nylon PVC with the zipright zipper system. The zipper is coated with urethane that protects water from getting in.

3. 100S50


The Sport Jr. Car top carrier 100S50 model which is perfectly manufactured for compact cars without a roof rack. The carrier is aerodynamically constructed to save from the gas pumping. All of the materials made are water-proof with the long lasting quality zipper system. The fabric is made from heavy duty while the flap over the zippers works to protect leakage during the rain. Car clips and carrier’s straps are included.

2. RoofBag Explorer

Best Car Top Carrier

The RoofBag Explorer soft car top carrier is exceptionally made for any car, SUV or van. With its capacity of 11 to 15 cubic feet, this Roof Top Cargo bag is designed to be economical, as it reduces the expense of gas pump. Furthermore, with its unique design of aerodynamic, you will have a quiet ride throughout your long journey. This carrier offer brilliant weather protection, even if a severe rigors of journey. It will still stand firm and bright, against all the high-speed wind or under sunlight exposure.

1. Keeper 07203-1


Like others carrier, the Keeper 07203-1 rooftop cargo bag could store up to 15 cubic feet, yet it is the most reviewed one because of its special features. To illustrate, this will increase the storage space of your cargo wherever you are moving. The soft sided designed allows you to store odd shaped items. Moreover, your essentials will be protected from the sun, wind, or rain and road grit as this carrier is made of waterproof and premium fabric and materials.

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