The Best Breastfeeding Bottles in Review 2018

After giving birth to lovely babies, mothers might want to feed the babies with their breasts so as to keep the breast shape well. After a few months when the babies can suck thing well, they can be fed instead by using breastfeeding bottles. Here are the top 10 breastfeeding bottles for every mother and baby. They are made great for quality and extreme safety to make sure the baby is safe. You can check out their reviews down here for your best breastfeeding bottles.

10. Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle, 8.4 Ounce


Natural Wave Nipple induces natural oral advancement. On top of that, its nipple is so soft which enables baby to consume breast operation smoothly and conveniently. Furthermore, the bottle is invented in round shape; hence, it comforts baby to grab to sleep. One more thing, water or milk can be sipping out gradually making it easy for the baby to suck. Better than that, this bottle can maintain a temperature for long hours.

9. Medela Calma Breast Milk Feeding Nipple


Initially, the body of the bottle is designed in appealing colors which is really interesting. Moreover, this kind of bottle was invented and imported from USA. Thus you can find and buy it easily online. On the other hand, it contains a flow control valve so baby can control milk flow very well. In addition, Milk will flow out only when baby grasps the bottle, and its long nipple enables baby to suck easily.

8.Tommee Tippee Bottle, 5 Ounce, 3 Count


The valve of this type is created in a perfect way so as to allow the milk flow into mouth little by little. Additionally, by virtue of the small body together with light weight (3or 5ounce), buyers can keep this bottle cozily. Besides, the hygiene cap is competent to cover the nipple from dust as well as bacteria. In sum, the label on the battle is so graceful that can arrest kids’ attention there and then.

7. The First Years 1 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce


This bottle is the splendid type one for breast milk and in accordance with 88% on maternal research, almost all mothers purport that this bottle is the most suitable type for babies. Also, the soft outer nipple can make small baby feel like they are sucking authentic breast of their moms. Moreover, the amount in this bottle can retain deficient milk for babies to consume. At last, the cover on the feeding bottle is created carefully in order to be easy when opening.

6. Medela Calma Breast Milk Feeding Set, 5 Ounce


With the flow control valve, babies manage to control milk by themselves and the pointed nipple enables them to absorb milk comfortably. More than that, the amount of this bottle can store ample milk while they are drinking, and particularly on the bottle there lie an explicit number that show the amount of the milk. Therefore, its utilities will make ease for mother. Lastly this type was invented without BPA.

5. Mimijumi Baby Bottle – Very Hungry – 8 oz


The body along with its pink nipple color of the bottle looks very attractive. This bottle has ventilation which averts milk from spoilage and on account of the attentive invention, this bottle is precisely endurable albeit dropping it from high floor. Especially, the skid of the bottle makes ease in sipping milk. With the pointed top of nipple, babies will feel cozy while they are absorbing milk. Last, there are two options in flow rates such as slow and medium for this type.

4. The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce


On the bottle there lies a firm cover that seals the nipple from dust or bacteria. And the top of the nipple completely fit with baby’s mouth. Moreover, the entire body of bottle was invented in charming color and shape which is very fascinating. Amazingly, this bottle contains the soft nipple that can arouse toddlers’ feeling making them feel as if they were sucking their mom’s breast.

3. MAM Anti Colic Bottle, Pink, 5 Ounce


This entire color on the bottle is in pink which is very perfect for pink lovers while its body is so wide and easy to clean. Moreover, the leak-proof cover is special in preventing milk inside bottle spill out. Plus, the special point of this bottle is that it can retain the temperature of cold or hot milk for long hours. In addition, this bottle has graphic on the degree level which arrests an interest of buyers.

2. Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 5 Ounce


With this kind of up-to-date style, this bottle can be changeable according to your desire. (Slow or fast, suit yourself!). In addition to this, the unique point of this feeding battle is the blue logo which illustrates explicitly the name of bottle (Lansinho) so buyers can find it easily. On top of that, the cover of bottle is so thick that air cannot penetrate into the soft nipple and cannot spoil the milk. Another good point is that the whole body is designed in a rife way which is very easy to clean.

1. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Green, 5 Ounces


Comotomo baby bottles are improvised as a bona fide breast so as to make toddlers feel like they are doing breastfeeding from their moms. On top of that, the green valve of the battle was created in a modern feature which is easily opened by young children. Besides this kind of bottle is endurable on the ground of tough plastic and can be washed in boiling water. That is why this kind of bottle is suitable for mothers whose sanitation is of the essence.