2018 Most Handsome Korean Actors

Are you a fan of any Korean male actors? You might always want to know at least some of your favorite Korean men’s backgrounds. In 2016, top-ten list of the most handsome Korean actors has been disposed, and with a careful review, here is what you want to know.

10. Lee Byung-hun


Lee is rather an old but handsome actor in South Korea. Moreover, he also stared in a few Hollywood movies which he earned international credit for his country. Born in 1970, this handsome man entered acting career since he was 21 years old. His best debut was in KBA Drama “Asphalt My Hometown”. Moreover, his acting fortune progressed dramatically during 2000s when he starred in “All in” and “Beautiful Days”.

9. Jang Geun-Suk


Jang Geun-Suk has been well known the most in the drama “Love Rain”. This man was born in 1987 in Danyang County, and becomes one of the most popular actors and models. His fashion style makes him stand out among male actors in his unique handsomeness. Lately, he’s not appeared in any film since there is rumor circling around his manner. However, this young man remains the successful actor in women’s hearts.

8. Gong Yoo


As a talented actor with B.A. Theater degree, Gong Yoo kick-started his acting career with a big success in dramas and films. Born in 1979, Gong Yoo has long pursued showbusiness until he is recognized as a leading actor in “Biscuit Teacher” and “Star Candy”. Amazingly, Gong was appointed a special representative in the United Nations Children’s Fund On November 2013 in Korea.

7. Song Joong-ki


One of the handsome Korean actors whose breathtaking appearance overwhelms his fans is Song Joong-Ki. In 2008, his performance rose when he played in “A Frozen Flower” and “Heart Paws”. Later, this actor made himself well known in television drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. This 30-year-old actor also played in a feature film “A Werewolf Boy” in the box office hit.

6. Park Yoo-chun


Park Yoo-chun was born on June 4, 1986, and his natural handsomeness and talent brings him to be not just an actor, but also a model, dancer, singer, and songwriter. He is very well known in his form boy band, TVXQ, but today he’s performing in another band called JKY with a nickname of Micky Yoo-chun. Since 2010 when he stepped in acting entertainment, he has been praised for his acting faculty.

5. Hyun Bin


In 1982 was born a man called Hyun Bin. This man has become one of the famous actors because of his attractive appearance. When he first acted in a movie “My Name is Kim Sam-Soon”, he was immediately noticed and became popular. Adding to his physical appearance, this man possesses an amazing acting performance in Korean drama – one of his successes is “Secret Garden”.

4. Kim Woo-bin


This man has rarely acted a main character in any movie. However, Kim is noticed for his handsomeness. He is both a model and an actor. Of course, since 2009, he’s been pursuing a model career that later he was invited to appear in a movie that he did not perform a main role in “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. Nevertheless, in 2013 he found his acting triumph in the movie “School 2013” that he’s widely acknowledged this time. Right now, Kim’s fortune is glowing bit by bit.

3. Lee Jong-suk


Lee Jong-Suk was born on September 14, 1989. He first kick started his acting career in the Korean drama in 2009, and promptly announced his popularity when he’s playing a main role in “School 2013”. Because of his talent and hard work, Lee experienced such a fast support from K-drama including “I Can Hear Your Voice”. Today, Lee has received many awards such as KBS Drama Awards, Excellence Ward and a lot more.

2. Lee Minho


One of the most handsome male actors is Lee Minho. This guy earned his popularity first when he played in a famous K-drama “Boys over Flowers” in 2009. Because of his every-nice-looking body, he becomes an idol in many women’s heart. He’s appeared as a main character in many more dramas such as the “City Hunters”, “Personal Taste”, and “The Heirs”. Needless to say, this handsome man has received some awards including Best New Actor, Actor in MBC Drama Awards, and Popularity Award.

1. Kim Soo-hyun

Most Handsome Korean Actors

Like Lee Minho, Kim Soo-Hyun has earned many awards such as Best New Actor in 50th Baeksang Arts Awards and Best new Actor and Popularity Award and so on. The acting job of him was seen in 2007 with little success. However, when he appeared in “Jungle Fish” and “My Love from the Star”, he quickly changed his status in drama industry as the result of his nice looks that men rarely possess.

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