Best Walkie Talkies for Kids 2018 – Top 5

Are you searching for the best walkie talkies for kids? Just in case you are, you will find the following choices very attractive. Some kids really love to play with walkie talkie, and it is so enjoyable for them. However, some parents have found it difficult to find a good quality walkie talkie for their kids to play. As you are here, this will help solve your problem. We have gone through different designs of the best walkie talkie for kids, and as a result from the comparison of those, we are confident to bring these 5 up for your consideration. They are among the best quality talkie talkie for kids while each of them comes with beautiful design that kids mostly like. To pick the one you like most up, you could spend a few minutes checking through the following short reviews. All the features and remarkable feature of each design has been included for your consideration.

1.UOKOO Kids Walkie Talkies

UOKOO kids walkie talkie is our first selection. This walkie talkie is among the best we have found. It is small and exquisite. The design, just as what you could see, is very fashionable and trendy. It is then easy to use, and many children love it. Kids with small hands could hold this up comfortably as it is made with that in consideration. This walkie talkie is best for them at age 4 or more. The range is also good. There are two in the packages while they would work with each other within 3 km. In an open space area, it could work to 6 km. Different channels have been featured, in addition. Related to the sound quality, this best walkie talkies for kids is brilliant. It is clear and very ound. The volume, on the other hand, is adjustable. Other than that, it has a good durability by its high quality materials as well as a nice LCD display.

2.BELLSOUTH T388 2 Piece T-388 3-5KM 22 FRS and GMRS UHF Radio for Child Walkie-Talkie

The second choice is this BELLSOUTH walkie talkie for kids. This is another interesting package to have a look. The walkie talkie, in addition, comes with many features to work. First of all, it has up to 22 channels for the communications. That is a superior design to many others. Also, the design features a LCD screen with backlit. That makes it look very nice. For the communication range, the walkie talkie is also very nice. Within an open area, it works well up to 3 km in distance. Moreover, it has the UHF radio for kids to enjoy. This is an extra value to the walkie talkie design. If you want to have it as a gift for others, that would be a great one also. If you love the way it is designed and are to buy it, you can do so without any hesitation. This is really among the very best walkie talkies for kids we have found.

3.Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

Next is the Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies. This is a package with 2 items inside, and they work well for each other within 3 km range. It has three channels for the communication, in addition. That makes it very fun for kids to play with. Likewise, this walkie talkie design is quite easy to use for kids. It has only the push button which when pressed, it will work very fine for kids to enjoy. The attractive appearance of this walkie talkie is another plus. It is made in a way that kids like to hold and touch it. In that, there are also the indicators to further entertain. The belt holder is additionally included for the carrying purpose. A good long battery life is also what this walkie talkie can do. For standby time, it lasts to 9 hours while if continuously used, it works for 3.5 hours. That provides enough time for kids to have a nonstop play with the walkie talkie.

4.Retevis RT32 Kids Walkie Talkies

The fourth best walkie talkie designed just for kids to have fun with is this Retevis RT32. This is a beautiful design kids enjoy to have. It is made in green, and it looks extremely visible. The walkie talkies indeed is made at a high quality for play. In addition to the unique design, it has the LCD backlit screen which kids can make it even more enjoyable at night for the play. It has an additional LED torch for use. It can go as flash or the emergency light. This is extra feature and quality made into this walkie talkie design. All these in this item run by the AAA batteries. Each replacement needs 4 of them while it lasts quite long for the play of the kids. Talking about the use, this has been made very easy and convenient to play with while the overall guarantee is assured. If you find anything wrong with the design, you can always return for your refund within 12 months without needing to give any reason.


5.Kids Walkie Talkies, 22 Channel FRS/GMRS 2 Way Radio 2 miles

The last recommended best walkie talkies for kids is this 22 channel design. Made quite beautiful and attractive to kids, this walkie talkie design is a high performing one though they are just for fun of the kids. First of all, it has a good range to work. Within 2 miles, kids could communicate with each other clearly. Also, the items are made quite small which is convenient for kids to hold and run around with. Another nice thing is the fact that it has a good sound quality. It is loud and clear for a very fun activity kids could have. The volume, in addition, can be easily adjusted to the comfortable one. Moreover, it has a nice-looking LCD display along with the backlit and LED indicator. That makes it very lovely especially at night. For the battery life, this could last up to 9 hours for standby and 3.5 hours for nonstop use. For kids age 6 or more, this is the best walkie talkies for them.

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