Best Travel Adapter Reviews 2018- Top 5

If you often travel a lot, you must need the best travel adapter with you. Indeed, so many electronic devices live with us everyday, and it is hard to not have them around as for work as well as entertainment. However, a simple solution is just to have the best travel adapter you can rely on, and you would be able to charge them any time you want during your travel abroad. You do need such a travel adapter because each country prefer and use different power outlet design. In this, we have picked up the top 5 best travel adapter reviews for your consideration. Should you need one, you will find the review helpful. More importantly, you can find your lovely one quickly and easily. By the way, these 5 best travel adapter options share differences you may need to check out, and by then, you will know which one you like and suit your need the most.

1.BESTEK International Power Converter 220V to 110V Travel Adapter

The first best travel adapter you could check out is this BESTEK International adapter. This is a lovely design with good performance. It lasts long by high quality material, and it allows you to charge your devices no matter where you are at around the world. As you could see in the picture, the adapter is 6A for output charging, and it has 4 USB ports that allow 4 devices to be charged at once if needed. For the shape, it is quite compact and easy to bring with. Its portability is designed for the best convenience for travellers. Even more interesting, the best travel adapter of this design has the advanced protection for overcharge. It has been tested and proven to be quite safe to use anywhere you need it. At such a reasonable cost, this is really a nice travel adapter.

2.Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN Worldwide All in One Universal Power Converters

This second travel adapter is the item from JOOMFEEN. This is made to work well anywhere around the world. This travel adapter has dual USB ports, and that allows you to charge your items both at the same time if you are hurry to get them running again. This lovely best travel adapter, in addition, has an advanced technology. One of them is the built-in fuse protect while safety shutter is also there in case of the overcharge incidence to happen. For the charging status, the LED indicator is there to tell. Even more, it has 12 month warranty for its quality. This proves they care to serve the best in their product. If you are looking for the best travel adapter, this is going to be one of the best. Lastly, the item costs so cheap that if you love the way it look, there is nothing else to think about while its quality is warranted.

3.Maxah MX-UC1 Surge Protector All in One Universal Travel Wall Charger

Maxah MX-UC1 is the next best travel adapter you could have a look. This adapter has been constructed well and durable to help your charging everywhere around the world. It has 1 USB port of 1000mA, and it works with mobile phone, camera, mp3 players and many other electronic device you might have. Yes, for its compatibility, it works well in 150 countries. You will not have any charging difficulty with this along in your trip. Even smarter, the travel adapter has the safety shutters that prevent overcharging to happen. This is an important safety feature to look for in the adapter no matter which one you choose. For the look, it appears nice as you could see, and its size is 80 x 54 x 39 mm. The weight is very light, 0.095kg. This is one of the very nice best travel adapter choices you will like.

4.LOOP World Adapter Plug, BEST Worldwide Travel Charger

LOOp world adapter is the next best recommendation after having reviewed it against many other choices. Working well in over 150 countries around the world, this travel charger is designed with two USB ports. It is powerful, and users can charge their 3 devices at the same time when needed. The charger, in addition, is compact and very efficient. Also, another good feature of the adapter is its smart power technology. This allows the adapter to recognize the individual device and optimize the charging to make it the quickest possible. And for the compatibility, it works with Apple products, Samsung products, and other brands available on the market. With this one adapter, your traveling will be made easy with your electronic devices chargeable anywhere.

5.Ceptics UP-5KP International Worldwide Travel Adapter Plug

Ceptics travel adapter is among the five we have found to be very interesting. This is the real deal. It is simply a high quality adapter which could help you charge your devices without a problem no matter where you are. It works well over 150 countries around the world. The adapter in addition has a compact and nice appearance while it costs cheap to get it one home. The adapter has indeed been well constructed for good durability as well as charging speed performance. That leaves it one of the very popular designs. So many buyers have dropped a very good comment and feedback to the item. That gives extra confidence for us that it is the right product we should recommend. If you find nothing interesting for the first four we have recommended in the list, you may spend a few more minutes considering this one. It will serve you just so well.


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