Best Podcast Microphone Reviews 2017 – Top 5

Are you searching for the best podcast microphone? If that is the item you are checking to buy, we have the top 5 to recommend for your consideration in the following list. Basically, we have gone through and reviewed so many podcast microphones available online. After studying the features, the quality performance, as well as the customer feedback on various the product designs, we have done the final evaluation, and eventually, only the top 5 of our choices have been selected. As we are confident that they are among the best, we have brought them along with the brief descriptions to let you consider. It will not take you long. You can scan through the following short reviews quickly, and you will have an idea of which one you love the most among these podcast microphones.

1.Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone

The first best podcast microphone we would want to recommend for your consideration is this Neewer NW-700 recording condenser. This comes in as a set, and it includes various items such as the microphone itself, the adjustable stand with arm, the table mount clamp and more. In short, it contains all the accessories you would need along with the microphone for the recording. Nonetheless, what that is brilliant is the quality of the recording of this condenser microphone. It records a professional sound, and it minimizes unwanted noise to make the recorded audio very clear. The arm, in addition, is a strong and sturdy steel construction. It lasts long, and it serves for a very good recording. Lastly, the package features the wind screen pop filter mask to ensure the final sound recorded is of the highest quality. In short, the package is really a real deal having all the right qualities you would need.

2.CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

This another terrific podcast microphone is the CAD U37 USB studio condenser. The microphone is of the best makes, and it serves for the best recording service. For one very good quality of the design, this condenser is large while it could record a warm and rich audio. At the same time, it has the cardioid pickup pattern which helps greatly in reducing the background noise that might appear during the recording. Also, as it has a smooth and extended frequency response, the condenser is perfect for speech and singing. Should you need for this kind of things, you would be extremely happy with the quality this can offer. Another feature is the 10dB overload protection switch. This means it helps reduces the bad effect of a sudden noise from the source. The last thing is the fact that this condenser works well with both Windows and Macintosh.

3.Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid

Next is the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser microphone. The design is the one best podcast microphone which could record a crystal clear audio for your recording. Either you are using skype, facetime and more, you can expect a good audio recording from this mic. At the same time, you can record vocals, add narration or create podcasts with a beautiful quality you will be delighted about. In addition, the microphone is so easy to plug in and play directly. It works well for both Windows and Mac operating system. It does not need any drivers to work. After plugging in, it will work out automatically. Within the package, there is also the desktop stand as well as the USB cable. If you are searching for the best podcast microphone, we highly recommend you have a close look at this design. You will be so happy with the quality and performance it serves.

4.Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The fourth best podcast microphone is this Blue Yeti USB Microphone. This is among the high quality microphones you could use for recording various vocal, podcasts, interviews and a lot more. Simply, the mic has been constructed strong and durable for lasting use, and it has a premium recording quality to offer. It could record audio at a crystal clear quality while it reduces a lot of unwanted noise from the background, leaving only the needed sound. This is such a brilliant quality to want from any best podcast microphone. In the meantime, the item features many pattern selections such as cardioid and bidirectional. For control, there are mute button as well as the zero-latency headphone output. If you have to use the mic with computer, you can do so with both Mac and Windows. It does not need any driver for it to work. You can just plug it in and it will work fine just then.

5.Tonor USB Professional Condenser Sound Podcast Studio Microphone

The last best podcast microphone is this Tonor USB professional Condenser mic. This is a convenient design that comes with so many features to serve for the final best audio recording quality. The design comes with stand and clip while it works compatibly great with Windows and Mac by the direct plug in. There is not a need for any driver. Regarding this, the mic could record even at a 10 ft distance in a quiet room. Simply, this best podcast microphone is actually a high performing design. Also, the mic has had a beautiful design with great attraction in addition to the fact that it is portable. For durability, this is an awesome one. Besides the high quality microphone, the stand coming along is also made at a high quality construction with very good 360 degree flexibility. It is made to serve for long lasting use.

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