Best Micro SD Card Reviews 2018- Top 5

Of course, these days there are many devices we often have, and each one tend to need more space for storing what we might need. In the case of the best external memory, micro sd card is the universal one now. As you are here, you might be looking for the best micro sd card for that reason. In this review, we will feature the top 5 best micro sd card reviews for your consideration. These 5 are the best ones of this year, and they come with better technology to last long and work faster for the transferring data. However, among all the five, they are different in storage capacity as well as certain other features. You might take a few minutes scanning through all of them, and you will see which one that might suit your need the best. For pricing, it seems not to be a problem. It is at a standard cost while these microsd cards have reliable quality to serve.

1.SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card

The first best micro sd card that looks very interesting in our evaluation is the SanDisk Ultra UHS-I card. This is a high quality product, and its storage capacity is up to 64 GB. If you need that much, you should consider this one. It is extremely well made for premium performance. It could be used in both tablets and smartphones. It works well in other devices you might have. In addition, for the transferring performance, it is up to 80 MB per second. If you want to transfer your videos files out to your PC, it works quickly for this one. Also, it is a Class 10 which supports HD video playback and recording. Even more lovely, the sd card is so durable. It is waterproof, shockproof, and temperature proof. It will then perform great with lasting life. In that, the company is sure and provides up to 10 year limited warranty over this sd card. You will also find the adapter included if you decide to get this one.

2.Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Card

The second best micro sd card to review is the Samsung EVO. This sd card is of 32GB for the space, and it is quite well made for the durability as well as performance. For the transfer speed, this sd card could do about 48MB per second. Also, it supports various files including the full HD videos you might have recorded from your phone or camera. Yes, indeed. This sd card is great for various devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more. If you are looking for the best micro SD card with a storage space of 32GB, you are highly recommended to examine this item closely. It has been a popular choice, and many seem to be so delighted with its performance. Simply, it is made perfectly great. Even more important, it has an affordable price to get.

3.Samsung 32GB EVO Select Micro SDHC Memory Card

This is another Samsung EVO but a different model. For sure, Samsung is a big brand, and all its products including the SD cards are very high for the standard quality. This Samsung EVO SDHC card has a space of 32GB, and it suits any device you might have either it is a smartphone, tablet, or camera. For the transferring speed, it is 80 MB per second. That is among the best performance the best micro sd card could do. In addition, it does support well the full HD video recording, music, or even big mobile gaming. Another good thing about this sd card is the fact that it has a lasting life with waterproof, temperature proof, and magnetic proof quality. Lastly, it has 10 year warranty to make sure you are even more confident of the product. You simply will feel the best with this micro sd card.

4.Samsung EVO 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card

The next best micro sd card is this Samsung EVO 64GB. Basically, it has so much of the similar features to the earlier one except that it has more storage capacity. To be brief, this Samsung is, first of all, very compatible with various devices out there such as smartphones, camera, and tablet. Speed performance is as well great in this Samsung EVO sd card. More importantly, it supports high quality pictures, Full HD video recording as well as mobile gaming. For the durability, this is brilliant. The sd card is built to last with its waterproof, x-ray proof and magnetic proof quality. If you are to find some best micro sd card at a capacity of 64GB, you should think over this suggestions. It has got a good review rate from users, in addition. Simply, it provides a good satisfaction to previous buyers, and it should do to you too.

5.Samsung Evo Plus mc128d 128gb Uhs-i Class 10 Micro SD Card

The last best micro sd card that will see now is another Samsung product. It is the Samsung Evo plus. This is a brilliant make from Samsung, and it has the biggest space all options. Its storage capacity is up to 128 GB. This is a class 10 micro sd card, and it offers a very good service for HD video recording and playback. In addition, it is so fast for the transferring data. Another good quality of this micro sd card is it has an extremely durable last. The micro sd card is x-ray proof, temperature proof, and shockproof. These are great lasting qualities in an sd card. In short, this micro sd card, according to our comparison and evaluation, is among the best for speed, performance and durability. You will be extremely delighted with the choice.


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