Best Meat Slicer Reviews 2017- Top 5

Best meat slicer has been a popular product many have searched for to buy online. We have found certain interesting facts that so many meat slicer designs are available, but people seem to find it difficult to select one for their need. Simply, they do not understand enough what to look for in the best meat slicer while there are so many choices to check out. As to help ease the problem, our team has conducted a research and review about the item. Yes, it takes a bit of time to learn to find the best meat slicer online. We have spent so much of times collecting the popular, high rated and most bought meat slicers to review and evaluate. Through the process, we have eliminated most away and only the top 5 are left. And, they are brought up below with a brief description for your consideration should you be one of the people who feel overwhelmed with the available choices.

1.New 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Premium Quality

Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer is our first recommended design. This is among the best meat slicer product we have found, and it comes with an extremely good slicing service. The whole item is made from high quality materials. That the blade is heavy duty stainless steel is an example of that. Also, the item features the easy on and off switch coming with waterproof cover. And, if you are going to use it with table, it has the skid proof rubber feet to help. The application of this meat slice is also very good. It comes with the 240 watts motor. That makes the slicing performance great for commercial need. And even more important, you could adjust the thickness of your sliced meat so well between 1 and 17mm. With all these qualities, the meat slicer is the one you should have a close look at.

2.Nesco FS-250 180-watt Food Slicer with 8.7-Inch Blade

Having the 8.7 inch blade, this is the Nesco food slicer. This is among the best meat slicer designs we have found very good to recommend. Mainly, this item is made from stainless steel material especially for the blade. This makes the slicer durable while very effective for meat slicing. Actually, this slicer works also well with other foods besides meat. It has a strong handle and blade. That allows it to slice meat and other foods well. In that, in case you want to adjust the thickness of the slice, you can do so easily. The slicer has its own easy blade adjustment. Another brilliant feature of this meat slice is the fact that it comes with dual safety function. This is very important to make sure your application daily is safe, and this one can do the work for you. Lastly, it is a good one because it has a reasonable cost.

3.Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Third best meat slicer in our review is this Chef’s Choice. This is an electric food slicer that has won a good satisfaction from most of its users. The slicer is made from cast aluminum as well as high quality stainless steel. It all makes up a strong and effective construction for food slicing. Coming with the 7 inch blade, the meat slicer could chop up different foods from thin to thick very well. The design, in general, is awesome. It looks nice and very easy to clean. You can remove them into pieces such as blade, food pusher, food carriage, and you then can clean them one by one without having any difficulty. Another smart function is its special button. This is to make sure that food carriage is in lock situation. It keeps your hands and finger away from the blade, in other words. As a result, it keeps you safer all the time you have to work with this meat slicer.


4.Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice 609 is the next recommendation. As the name tells, this is a premium construction as a food slicer, and it works extremely well to serve the purposes. First of all, the slicer is produced from aluminum and stainless steel. That makes the whole construction very strong and effective. Also, it has a high performing motor and the 7 inch blade to operate together slicing foods as you need. The thickness of the slicer can be adjusted, and this create another good usability from the meat slicer. According to the capacity it has been made in, this meat slice could handle large food very well. And, if you have to remove it into pieces, there is a guide in place for you. Usually, there could be a need to remove and replace the blade or simply remove to clean all the pieces well. The next best quality of this slicer is the fact that it has a power surge protection. Lastly, the item comes with 12 month warranty.

5.Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic 130 Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric Food Slicer

The last best electric meat slicer is this Elite Gourmet food slicer. Doubtlessly, according to our review, this food slicer is of a high quality construction, and it has been proven to serve the slicing purpose so well. For one feature, the slicer has a stainless steel blade at about 7.5 inch. It is strong, sharp and very effective for the slicing task. In that, it has the on and off switch for the safe operation. With its slicing capacity, the blade could particularly cut down salamis, hard cheeses, meats and other vegetables quite well. Yes, of course. The thickness can be adjusted, and you can get what you have. The adjustment of the blade basically is up to 0.5 inch. And for stability reason, the slicer has a rubber platform attached below the item. If you are to find one best meat slicer, this is going to be a beautiful one to have a look.

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