Best Machete Reviews 2018- Top 5

Are you coming here to check for the best machete? If you do, you will see some interesting machete in the following list. It is obvious to us that many people are looking for the best machete, and they find it difficult to select the best one to buy. As to help answer the question, our team spent long hours checking out the available best machetes online. Consequently, we have found about 20 nice designs. As after being evaluated and reviewed, we have selected only the top 5 among the 20 to review and recommend in the list. The following top 5 best machete reviews have such different designs, but many find them very lovely. Even more, they are made with great craftsmanship and a good quality many have been satisfied with. You may spend a few minutes checking through all, and you might thus find your favorite that easy.

1.Gerber Gator Machete

The first one to recommend is the Gerber Gator Machete. This item is lovely made with steel and a proven quality. It has been tested for many times, and it is shown as a very durable machete to have. It could deal with the toughest users very well. However, for the handle, the Gerber Gator Machete instead is made soft and comfortable to hold by the tactile rubber grip while allowing for the best performance. Another good thing is it has a fine edge as well as the saw blade. This is going to be of a great usefulness in various situations you might face during your outdoor time. Indeed, this best machete is not only made of a high quality but also very attractive design. It feels just awesome carrying the machete for many as said in the reviews. If you feel you love it, do not hesitate to get it. It is going to be delightful with the machete.

2.SOG SOGfari 18″ Machete MC02-N

The second choice is the SOG SOGfari Machete. Made at 18 inch for the length, this is produced from professional grade steel. The design is awesome, just as what you may have seen, and it has dual edges and is coated with black powder. The dual edges are for a sharp one and the saw ones. They could be of a great use in different situations. That blade, in addition, is high quality stainless steel which is strong to deal with tough materials very well. For the handle, it is the Krayton synthetic rubber which is used. It guarantees for non-slip surface as well as enhancing comfortable holding. Moreover, the package includes the black nylon sheath as well as the lanyard hole while a limited lifetime warranty is there to ensure more of your confidence over the item.

3.Ontario 6145 Military Machete

The third best machete to see is the Ontario Military Machete. Just as looking at its design, you can tell it has a military style design. However, many find this very nice. The machete is among the best design we have found to be very popular. It is made from carbon steel at the standard 18 inch in length. Including the handle, it is 24 inches. The Machete is produced in USA, and it ensures the top high quality you can rely on. Indeed, this machete has a tough strength which had been hardened to deal with various materials quite well. There is no doubt about the design. It is the best ones. Nonetheless, it worth noticing that the sheath you see in the picture is coming along. It is sold separately should you need. Lastly, the good feeling about this machete is it is available at a very affordable price you do not have to worry about the cost.

4.Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

The fourth best machete to review is the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete. Being proven to have such a high quality and maximum longevity, this Berber Bear machet has also had the fashionable design. It looks just extremely nice as you see it. In addition, the blade is made from steel that is harden super strong. It will perform against the toughest materials perfectly. On the other hand, the machete has a comfortable handle which enhances very nice performance of users. Rothco is there on the handle, at the same time. Again, for the blade of this machete, it is the high carbon steel material, it is quite resistant to corrosion while easily sharpen. The whole construction, in short, of the machete is brilliant. Just like many others, you might be extremely joyful to have this machete with to play around. Even better, it is not an expensive machete to get.

5.United Cutlery BV124 Savage Jungle Hunter Machete

The fifth one is the United Cutlery Jungle Hunter Machete. As the names obviously says, this machete is going to be your best friends if you have outdoor activities such as going into the jungle or having the camping time somewhere out. For the design, the machete is beautifully made, and it comes additionally with the rubberised handle with textured grip to make sure it will not slip easily. Nonetheless, the blade of this machete is dual edge. One works as a blade, and the others is the saw. This provides good usefulness to deal with different materials well. The blade, in addition, is made from extremely hard steel that it ensures maximum durability. For the overall length, it is 25 inches. Lastly, the durable nylon belt sheath is included in this deal. If you decide to get this, you will get all while the price is found very reasonable.

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