Best Macbook Pro Case Reviews 2018- Top 5

Of course, it would be incomplete for many people to have a Macbook pro but without the case. Some people are happy with how it looks from the box while some believe the case adds extra beauty as well as protection to their Macbook pro. By the way, if you are among those who love to have your Macbook pro protected by the case, in the following list, we have 5 best macbook pro case designs to review for your consideration. These best Macbook pro cases are not only well made for extreme protection but also the stylish and fashionable design to make your Macbook pro even more attractive to people around. It will not take long. You might spend several minutes scanning through the brief reviews below. They come with the pictures of each which you can check its particular design in the meantime. You will enjoy these so much like many do.

1.iDOO Marble Pattern Matte Rubber Coated Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 13-Inch Model A1278 with CD Drive

The first best Macbook pro case you will see is the iDOO design. Particularly, this best macbook pro case is made for the 13 inch Macbook, and you will find it perfectly fit. To be specific, the case fits only to the Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch with CD Drive. It worth checking that out carefully, otherwise you might need to return for it will not fit. However, related to the design, the case is beautiful while being made very durable. It, in addition, allows full access to any buttons and features integrated into this Macbook pro model. For the front part, there is no cut out piece because the Apple Logo will simply be found through the case. Moreover, this best Macbook pro case has a 2 part snap on design. This lets users take on and off of the case easily. You will find it quite comfortable having this case for your Macbook pro, in the meantime.

2.Macbook Pro 13 inch

This is another trendy Macbook Pro case for the Macbook Pro 13 inch model. Yes, for sure. It will not fit a different model. Thus, it is better to check that out carefully. Made of the Dark wood PU leather, if you like how it looks, this Macbook Pro case has a brilliant performance for the protection guard of your Macbook Pro. It will simply prevent damages or scratches to happen in the hard knock accident. Also, as you can see this in the picture above, it has a very lovely look. For the snap on design, it is made into two parts, and users will find it so easily to take off or on of the case. For accessibility, the cas is made smart, and you will 100 percent be able to reach your buttons and features just like when the case is not on. Many customers have commented they love this design so much and even more when they stay there for long.

3.MacBook Pro 13 Retina Case

The third best case is specifically produced to fit Macbook Pro 13 inch retina model. This case is surely beautiful as you could witness, and it has a high quality hard coating for superior protection. Either it is an accidental hard knock or daily scratches, the case could protect your Macbook quite well. In addition, the case design is quite smart that it allows for full access to any features and buttons that might exist with the model such as the charger plug, headset plug and more. There is no worries about that. At the same time, the clip on and off design of the case is sure to allow for easy putting the case on to your Macbook without any risk of harming your computer. With this case on, you can both extra attraction by its beautiful design as well as the premium protection for your Macbook Pro. This should be what everyone who owns the Macbook is looking for.


4.TopCase 2 in 1 Ultra Slim Light Weight Rubberized Hard Case Cover

The fourth best Macbook pro case that is found very brilliant for the quality is the TopCase design. This hard case is a two in one design. It is a case and cover in one. The item is among the latest and trendy look, and it is extremely slim and light, at 1.2mm in thickness and 8 0z in weight. However, it could guaranty a perfect fit to your Macbook Pro. In addition, it features the high quality rubberized coating which ensures a comfortable touch to the case. At the same time, the hard case is extremely well done for protection purposes. It has been tested and proven to do well with knock out or scratches. For the accessibility, you can do everything you would like when there is not a case putting on. For the application, it has the snap on design. It will work perfectly without any harm to you Macbook while having it on. Lastly, this best Macbook Pro case has various beautiful colors you could select.


5.iBenzer Macbook Pro 13″ with CD-ROM Plastic Hard Case

The last best Macbook Pro case is this iBenzer hard case. Made from a high quality plastic material, this Hard case looks extremely slim, trendy, and beautiful with smooth finish. Its see-through design is also attractive to many users. It comes with both the keyboard cover as well as the case. However, it worth being careful that this plastic hard case fits only to the Macbook Pro 13 inch with CD-ROM. To be specific, the measurement of the case is 13 x 9.1 x 1.1 inches. Among the many cases we have found, this is one of the very popular ones getting very positive review from users. Indeed, the majority of them are obviously satisfied with the quality and design of this hard case. If you love to find such a case for your Macbook Pro, this is a highly recommended one.


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