Best Kids Electric Cars in 2018 – Top 5

Kids grow up and enjoy various toys. In case, you, as parents, agree that they are ready now to play with electric cars, you can go ahead. Surely, you must be looking for such a toy as you are here now. Yes, this review is all about finding you the best kids electric cars. As there are so many of them available online or at the store, it could be a difficulty to pick one up right. However, that answer will lie in the following review list. Only the best kids electric cars have been selected to briefly review and description for your consideration. They are picked because they are among the best ones you will not disappointed with while the pricing of them is reasonable and affordable. For now, you may check through the appearance as well as performance of each to choose accordingly.

1.Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

Fisher-Price Power Racer is our first design as among the best kids electric cars we would invite you to consider. Initially, it is an attractive design. It looks trendy and fashionable. Simply, many kids have loved it so much. Other than this, it is about its quality and performance. The racer has a capacity to run at about 5 miles per hour forward while the reverse speed capacity is 2.5 miles per hour. It has a metal sidebars for kids to land their hands for support, and they then can enjoy the drive. Another good quality is its monster traction system. This quality allows the car to run over different surfaces without any problems either it is a wet grass, rough terrain and hard surfaces. Along with this, there is a power lock brake system. This is to ensure a good speed control which is an important safety feature to find in any best kids electric cars. The battery is included, and it is 12v for the capacity.

2.BMW i8 Concept 6-volt Electric Ride-On Car

BMW i8 Concept is the next best selection we have for your review. This car design is based on the details of BMW which makes it look awesome. Many kids love such an experience. In addition to the design, it has a durable structure. It is strong and is going to serve the kid’s race very well. The car, in addition, has a powerful battery to let it run well. The battery attached is 6 volt, and the charger is included. Also, there is a MP3 cable in the package, which kids could enjoy the music too if needed. For a single charge, the BMW ride-on car design could run up to 45 minutes. This should be enough for kids to enjoy each ride. The rest is about the customer review of this electric car design for kids. The majority has loved the service it offers, and it then has been rated very positively.

3.Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels Ride On Car

If you need a more powerful electric kids car than the second choice, you may check this one out. This is a smart ride on car design from Best Choice Products. It has various features to make sure your kids enjoy the riding experience. For one, this car has up to a 12v motor to operate. This is a more powerful capacity for the speed. In that, two speed control options are there. Kids can choose it to be low or high as they enjoy. The design, in the meantime, has a wheel and foot pedal which could be used as an additional accelerator while a remote control is also there for parents to take care of their kids from a distance. Other than this, the package includes the MP3 jack and cord along with speaker. This is extra feature to provide extra service of music in addition to the exciting ride-on experience. The car, lastly, can load up to 66 lbs.

4.12V Ride On Car with MP3 Electric Battery Power

Also run by the 12v motor, this is another one among the best kids electric cars. You had better have a look at this one. It has many qualities to offer. Basically, the overall experience of this electric car design is just like real. It can go forward or backward with an easy switch while there are lights just like real. The run is, at the same time, powerful at two possible speed settings, low and high, since it has 12v battery to base on. The charging cable is included along with the audio jack and speaker. By these, it seems to have a complete feature to serve. Even more, the remote control operation has also been integrated. Parents can watch over their kids having fun with the ride then. If you seem to love the design and performance of this kids electric car too, you may have a consideration over it. It is just one among the best designs available.

5.Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

The last and fifth one is this Jeep Wrangler. This is another very real design but as a electric car for kids. The style and details are done in Jeep Wrangler design as you could have seen, and it is simply very nice. The color and graphic is also amazing. It has the door open and close, and it allows for a good space for kids to sit on and enjoy the ride. Related to the speed, it can go as much as 5 miles per hour for forward and 2.5 miles per hour for reverse. The 12 volt battery is equipped to run such performance, and the charger is included. These qualities allow the car to do a great job in making a fun driving experience for your kids. The car, meanwhile, is not so expensive. Many are happy with its pricing, and they have had a good actual experience with the product if examining the customer reviews. These are evidences that should be right for your decision to pick it up.

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