Best Kavu Bags in 2017 – Top 8

Particularly, you may be loving kavu bags a lot. In this, you will be delighted with the best kavu bags to be reviewed for your consideration. Of course, Kavu has many designs to let you choose. Sometimes, people feel so overwhelmed with the choices and do not know what to pick up. The review list below will be the answer to the difficulty. Only the top 5 designs have been brought up. They are of a high quality make while the design is amazing. Its attractive nice looking makes people feel so good. As of the many evidences we have found about these kavu bags along with very positive customer review and rate over them, we come to the conclusion that they deserve a recommendation. As so, you see all of them here. You will be happy with the bags if you love any design in the following list.

1.KAVU Rope Sling Bag

The first best Kavu bag is this Rope Sling design. This is among the very popular designs from the brand. However, it is highly recommended for many reasons. For one, this KAVU rope sling bag is made 100% from polyester. That makes the bag very durable while soft to touch. As you could see in the picture above, this kind of bag is quite beautiful and attractive. Basically, from how it looks, you can tell this bag is a single shoulder bag. It has the bundled rope strap with good and easy adjustability. Related to the pockets, the design features two vertical ones as well as the one slip pocket in addition to the hook and loop one. They all give a good space for so many items you can place in. For extra comfort, this KAVU Rope Sling bag has a padded back with a soft embroidery. It simply serves the best for both style and usability besides comfort. These qualities have made this Kavu bag one of the interesting ones to have a look at.

2.KAVU Rope Backpack

The second Kavu back that has a stunning design is this Kavu Rope Backpack. Different from the first design, this rope backpack has had cotton as the only material to produce the bag. The quality of the bag in general is extremely high while it serves for a good longevity in the meantime. First of all, let’s look at the design of this backpack. It is unique, stylish, fashionable and importantly very lovely. So many people have loved the way it looks while a good reliability is given with its good usability. Moreover, the design has a dimension of 11 x 22 inch, which is a comfortable size for many to carry around with during their day. For space, this Kavu backpack has a shoulder strap style you could adjust for your convenience, and it features two vertical compartments for so many things you can place inside. In addition to this, there are four pockets for extra things such as keys and cell phone. And not to worry, in case you have to carry the backpack for a longer period of time, you will still feel ok because it has a soft padded back.

3.KAVU Rope Sling Bag

The third one is this another rope sling bag from the same Kavu brand. This is another lovely design you may want to have a look. Basically, it is done in a shoulder strap style, and it has a unique pattern design with yellow zip that makes it a very beautiful one. The material is totally polyester. There is not a worry about the quality and durability of this sling bag. It has been a premium make while users are extremely happy after receiving and using it. The whole design, in the meantime, feature a bundled rope strap along with the two vertical pockets and a few mores. Simply, the design offers enough space for many small and medium items you may have and want to bring with during the day. The last feature not to miss is its padded back. Usually, the back of the bag that touches your body more than any other part. So to make it comfortable and very soft for you, it has been padded with good embroidery.

4.KAVU Women’s Keepalong Bag

This fourth design is particularly designed just for women, and it a unique design with very lovely appearance. This keepalong bag from kavu is made totally from cotton. You will be extremely with how soft it is while the durability of the back is perfect. For the complete design, as seen in the picture above, it has a rectangular shape in addition to the adjustable strap integrated. Besides, the bag feature a front compartment with zip closer and the logo patch. In addition to this, the bag has a main compartment which could be used to store everyday devices such as tablets or kindle as you may want to have with. This is really among the perfect designs as a Kavu bag for women. After our examining of the bag and the comparison among many, we have come to the conclusion that this bag worth the recommendation, and we thus strongly suggest you have a look on this particular design.

5.KAVU Sidewinder Bag

The next and last bag from Kavu is this Sidewinder style. This bag is produced mainly from cotton, and it has been made with very good craftsmanship. It then features a snap closure in addition to the 22 inch shoulder drop. For height, it is made in 11.25 inches. With all these, the bag is basically made to have a very good shape and situation for best use. Moreover, the unique design it has been made in is another brilliant thing that makes so many people enjoy their days carrying this bag around with. Even better, it has a good reasonable price anyone would be able to get one. Should you love this design, there is not a worry. It has a quality you can trust, and it has a good longevity to serve you for a long time. If you are to clean it up, and it is highly recommended for hand wash.

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