Best Heated Toilet Seat Reviews 2018 – Top 5

When it is cold, many feel uncomfortable sitting on the freezing toilet seat. You may be one among them and are looking for the best heated toilet seat to fix the experience. Yes, indeed. Finding you the best heated toilet seat is the aim of this review. Our team has spent long hours checking over many available heated toilet seats. We not only collected many but also reviewed and evaluated. As a result from the tough comparison, there are 5 among those that look most outstanding. We believe they have all the quality you may need in a heated toilet seat. Thus, we have listed them all below along with the brief description and review of each one. You then can go through it quickly to see which one that own the qualities and features that might interest you the most. You can, surely, get of them with good confidence that they are going to serve you very well.

1.Toastie Tush (Round) – Innovative Toilet Seat Warmer

Very first and best toilet seat to warm to seat is the Toastie Tush. This is such an innovative design that solves just the problem you are having with your freezing toilet set. First of all, this toilet seat is beautifully made very strong and durable why a high quality plastic material. But, what that is more interesting is the special heating pad integrated into the design. It even will transfer the heat to the seat lid for even more of the warmth you need around. The heating pad is made at three different warmth settings. You could find your comfortable mode and keep it there. For power usage, this heated toilet seat would need between 14 and 28 watts. In the meantime, this best heated toilet seat is easy to clean by its waterproof vinyl material. Also very important, the toilet seat has been tested and proven to be extremely safe according to the UL and CSA standards. It is really a perfect final product you can rely on.

2.UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat – White

The second best heated toilet seat design is this UltraTouch product. This is a high quality toilet seat that gives you warmth once you sit on it. That creates such a comfortable experience in your restroom in the freezing water, especially. Also very nice, the seat surface design of this is a patented design that is rich in offering comfort. That means you will not get this kind of experience somewhere else with a different brand and design. Moreover, electronically, the toilet seat works at 12 watts power while it is quite economical. It saves a lot of your electricity, though. And, it has been proven by UL that the design is safe to use. On the other hand, the toilet seat comes with the antimicrobial agent that makes the service with more desirable. As by these quality features, we are very confident that the best heat toilet design choice is a good one for you.

3.UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat – White

The next best heated toilet seat is this another UltraTouch design. This is quite a similar design to the above one. The only difference is the shape. The above one is to fit the elongated toilet design and this one is to fit the round design. For one proven quality of this UltraTouch heated toilet seat, it is the durability of the design. It has high quality materials to ensure this final reliable construction. In other words, you will enjoy with the service of this toilet seat for long. In the meantime, high quality comfort is ensured in the design. It has a patented seating surface make. And. all in all, it produces a comfortable sit with warmth for you. For it to operate well, the seat needs the 12 watts power. Other than that, it has the 60 watt light bulb to let you see it clearly in a case you visit it at night. The seat, on the other hand, has been tested and proven to be safe to use according to the UL standard.

4.SmartBidet SB-2000 Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets Electronic Heated Toilet Seat

The second last best heated toilet seat is this SmartBidet design. This is a smart system to let you comfortably sit on your toilet during the freezing weather. First of all, it has a cleaning nozzle and oscillation which could clean the front and back nicely. Also, the water temperature is adjustable when used with this SmartBidet product. For water pressure, there are 5 levels to select from. Even the nozzle positions can be adjusted within the 5 levels. Related to the toilet seat, it is electronically warm up well for your need. You can select one among the three levels built-in. Amazingly, the surface of the toilet seat has been integrated with skin sensor. It activates only when sitting on. Other than this, there is a warm air dryer to comfort you before you are done. It is perfectly providing a great service when it comes to your toilet time. If you feel like it consumes more of the energy, you can also set it into the energy saving mode.

5.ToastieTush (Elongated)- Innovative Toilet Seat Warmer

The last one is this innovative toilet seat warmer from ToastieTush. Important to notice, this toilet seat is the design for the elongated toilet bowl. Basically, what it does is to warm up the seat and bring you the comfort especially in the freezing winter. To do that, the design has a unique heating pad which will be attached to the underside of your existing toilet seat. By that, when on, it transfers the warmth up there even to the lid. The warmth, in addition, has 3 settings available. You may choose your most comfortable one. Likewise, the seat has had the waterproof vinyl for its surface, and that makes it extremely easy to clean. The whole operation needs between 14 and 28 watts of power. Lastly, the operation has been tested to fulfill the safety standard requirement of UL and CSA standards. It means it is reliably safe to use.


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