Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar Reviews 2018- Top 5

If you love gym, you just need it everyday, and the best thing is you can do it even at home. For a common tool to let you do your exercise even at home, you may be interested in finding the best free standing pull up bar. If that is the case, you might be enjoying the following review badly. Our team actually has checked over so many designs of the best free standing pull up bars while only 5 meet our criteria. As a result, you will only find those 5 in the following list. There are a brief description and review as well as picture for each choice you could have a look at. Basically, all these free standing pull up bars are very strong and designed super good. And, for pricing, they are found very reasonable to get some, and you will then enjoy your pull up.

1.Body Champ Power Tower

Body Champ power tower is the first recommended free standing pull up bar. This is a loveable design as a vertical knee raise station. With this power tower design, you could expect to build up your strong shoulder as well as back and arms. If you have done it enough, it is going to build up your great-looking chest with full of muscles. This station is going to let you build up your dream body and strength to let you enjoy your sexy look. For the frame base, it comes with D design, and that is going to ensure a good stability for you. The measurement of the tower is 58.5 x 46.5 x 83 inches. If you are looking for such a tool, this is a highly suggested one. You can go ahead and discover other details of this choice if needed. Like many, you might end up falling in love with the design.

2.XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434

XMark Power Tower is another best free standing pull up bar to have a look. This power tower comes with a DIP station, and it is going to serve your muscle building very well even at home. As some of the features, this complete design has the DIP station, knee raise, pull-up bar, and the push-up station. Either it is a wide or narrow grip, you could decide. Another nice thing about this XMark power tower is its cushion. It is made very thick for best comfort while its density is high. In the meantime, it has a duraguard vinyl that is so tear-resistant. It is going to last long for you. Talking about the whole frame construction, this is a well made one. 14 gauge steel material is used, and it is all coated with resistant powder. It ensures for the stability as well as durability. This whole frame, in addition, has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Lastly, there are rubber feet added. It will be safe for your floor.

3.Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower is the third choice. Like the rest, this is another handsome design with good features for your practice. First of all, the weider power tower has a pull-up station. If that is your favorite activity, you would enjoy it with the power tower. Particularly, this pull-up station has a padded hand grips for a good comfort while it will let you build up your biceps and forearms perfectly. Another set is the push-up station. Handgrips are also added while you could count on it to work on your biceps, core and shoulder nicely. If you love building up your triceps, chest and shoulder, the included DIP station would help. Moreover, the vertical knee raise station is there. Simply, the weider power tower has almost all the features you would need in the construction. And, for the stability quality and durability, this structure is a perfect one, and with the added high quality cushioning, the design is even more of the choice.

4.Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower is the fourth recommended choice you might want to also have a look. This is a perfect design for home workout while multiple stations are built in to let you enjoy your exercise to the max. Particularly, this Stamina power tower could allow you to push up, sit up, pull up and build up the tricep dips. On the other hand, talking about the quality structure, this whole stamina power tower has a strong steel frame as the material. It provides not only the best support for stability but also the durability for a long use. The end caps come with, and that is to prevent the accidental slippery. This best free standing pull up bar comes at a measurement of 50 x 81.5 x 41.5 inches. It weighs around 54 pounds. With all these features and qualities, we are confident that it is going to be a favorable one. That is why it is picked up for your recommendation.

5.Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

The last best choice is this Cap Barbell power rack exercise stand. This comes at a size of 46 x 50 x 85 inches, and it is a strong construction which is made up from steel materials. The structure is surely strong and stable with good powder coating while it offers many types of station to let you do your exercise enjoyably. By the way, it worths noticing that among what you see in the picture, bands, plates and bar are not parts of the package. Among the rest, this is the most simple one with most affordable price since it consists only the frame which you can further build it up your way. If that is the kind you like, you may go ahead with it. If you instead want a ready to exercise, you may consider the first 4 recommended free standing pull up bar designs. We are confident that you will like this one if that is your need.

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