Best Floating Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2018- Top 5

If you often enjoy your music, you would need the best speaker. And, there are so many types of speakers available out there. Some like the water dancing speaker while some others might like the floating bluetooth speaker. As you are here, you might prefer the second more. Yes, this is all about the best floating bluetooth speaker reviews. We have checked through on so many available floating bluetooth speaker designs, and all of them do the same task but perform differently while they have all different designs and qualities. As after the evaluation of the design, durability as well as the sound quality, there are top 5 best floating bluetooth speaker choices we are confident to recommend for your examining. They are great and will make you enjoyable with your music.

1.ICE Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICE portable bluetooth speaker is our first one to you. This is a kind of the floating speaker, and it has a very fashionable design. The speaker has a magnetic base which the speaker will spin on. It is such a nice, modern speaker design. Even more, it has a smart sound guide cone. That feature is set up to produce more of the 3D surround effect, offering you a unique experience with your music. Also, it has its bluetooth functionality which you can play your music from any devices you have that work with Bluetooth. Its pairing compatibility is basically great to let you work it out easily. Another thing is the levitation technology it comes with. That increases more of the performance as well as satisfaction for users. At a good performance with many features, the speaker is even more affordable. That makes it quite lovely as a choice.

2.MUSIC ANGEL Levitating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The second best option is this Music Angel design. This is another nicely-designed and well-constructed floating bluetooth speaker available online. This speaker is beautifully handsome by design while it serves a very good sound quality. It additionally features the 3D surround sound for your enjoyment. Also, besides its floating style, the LED visual Effect has made this speakers very fashionable and unique. In short, both the performance and design of this speaker is just great. On the other hand, the speaker works with any Bluetooth device available. Either it is your phone, tablet or PC, it will be easily paired and will work just fine for you. Some users are very happy with this speaker especially it small, light and portable quality. It works on the 500mAh battery, and it lasts up to 8 hours per charge.

3.Floating Speaker UPPEL SC-25 LED Levitation Bluetooth Speakers

The third option you may also be interested in is the UPPEL floating speaker. This design is among the brilliant ones. It, first of all, has a beautiful design at its floating technology. This creates a new music experience for people, and many have enjoyed it a lot. In addition to the 360 rotation floating, there is the LED visual effect, making it look even more amazing. The speaker works well, on the the other hand, with any bluetooth device. Another quality is its crystal clear sound. That serves your favorite music to the max. Also very nice, this speaker is designed small and light. It is quite portable in case you need it along with your journey, you can do so without a problem. At a reasonable price along with these feature qualities, this floating bluetooth speaker is our highly recommended design to you. In the meantime, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

4.IPX7 100% Waterproof & Dust-proof Floating Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Second to last, this IPX7 is a stunning speaker design. Differently from the rest, this is not only a floating speaker but also a shower speaker. That means it serves you in even more of the situations. You can enjoy your music in your bedroom or bathroom, to be exact. First of all, this design features an advanced technology that it uses the lithium-ion batteries which could let you enjoy your music up to 15 hours per recharge which usually last about 4 or 5 hours. This is one of the strengths many other speakers could not do. Also, as this is a shower speaker, the construction of the design is perfectly made waterproof in addition to the fact that it rotates and floats throughout your music. This is a super nice design speaker you will like to the max. The sound quality, in the meantime, of this speaker is great. It will produce the best music for you in addition to the awesome floating look it appears.

5.MUSIC ANGEL Levitating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The last best wireless Bluetooth speakers are this Music Angel design. It provides a good design everyone is attracted to, and more importantly, it offers a unique 3D surround sound to perfectly serve your music. In addition, it comes with special visual effect. This adds up to make it a great and more exciting music experience you could have with the speakers. These speakers come with Bluetooth functions, and they can be easily paired with various devices to play the music from. The compatibility of the speakers is actually very reliable. Also a favorable feature many like, it is the its small portable size while it is quite light. If you have to bring it around with, you will have no problem with the speakers. In combination, this is such a beautiful set of wireless Bluetooth speakers along with high quality and brilliant sound service you will be happy with.


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