Best Digital Watches for Women in 2018- Top 5

The 5 best digital watches for women will be reviewed in the following list. Basically, we have found that many women are searching for the digital watches. However, the majority of them find it hard to decide while plenty of the designs are available at various prices. As so, we have done the evaluation and comparison work for them. We have collected many popular and high rated digital watches made just for women, and we have worked out to eliminated the not so good out. As a result from the process, we have decided to pick up only 5 to recommend. Those five are the following ones. A brief review of each along with the picture showing its look comes below. You may spend a few minutes scanning through for your interested design, and you can further check it out in details. By doing so, we believe you are easy to find your favorite digital watch while spending less time. If you like and decide to get one of the below, you will surely get a high quality one.

1.Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7030 Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch

The first best digital watch for women we have found very interesting is the Armitron sport Women’s strap watch. As you could see in the picture, this is exactly made for women either for the color or design while it looks extremely stylish and beautiful. This recommended design has a blackband along with the silver-tone bezel and orange dial while two other color combination designs are also available. You have more options that way. In addition, it has a nice digital display which features dat, alarm, day and the chronograph functions. Likewise, it additionally has the plastic case as well as protective dial window. For the clock display style, it is Quartz, a very lovely one indeed. For the band, it is two tone resin make with buckle closure design. It will ensure the watch stay there at all time on your wrist. This nice digital watch for women is waterproof. You can wear and enjoy your swimming. It works well until deeper than 100 meters.

2.Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012TEL Digital Chronograph Teal Resin Strap Watch

This is another Armitron Sport Women’s digital watch to have a look. Of course, it comes from the same brand while it has so much of the different design. This resin-covered watch is also among the popular designs many women seem to like so much. It has a round digital display featuring dual time, date, alarm and more. It functions great, and it lasts long. The digital watch for women, in addition, has a stainless steel case along with the acrylic dail window. This is to add extra design while offering a good protection. The band is also made from resin, and it has the buckle closure to lock it on your wrist. Just like the first Armitron sport watch for women, this is water resistant up to 100 meters in water. You will find it great and worriless when you want to wear it while enjoying your swimming and snorkeling.


3.Armitron Sport Women’s 457012BLK Chronograph Black Resin Stainless-Steel Accent Strap Watch

Next Armitron Sport digital watch for women is this black resin design. This beautiful watch for women has similar features to the few above such as alarm and chronograph in its digital display. In addition to this, it features the resin case along with the acrylic dial window as well as black resin band having the buckle style as for the closure design. This resin black watch for women is simply very popular for not only its beautiful design but also the quality performance. It is more than a watch, indeed. Many find it as the stylish accessory for their outdoor joy. Furthermore, the watch comes with the stainless steel strap that makes it even more stylish while durable. Another nice thing is it has the Japanese quartz movement, making it even more favorable. As for its waterproof quality, it works fine under water till it is deeper than 100 meters.

4.Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch

The fourth one is another smart design from Armitron Sport Women’s watch. This is another brilliant design which has won quite a good popularity comparing to other similar best digital watches for women. For one feature, it has the silver tone resin strap with the attached buckle closure. This is nice for women who like wearing a beautiful digital watch all day. For the display, it comes the time, date, alarm, as well as backlight. Just like the rest, this digital watch is water resistant deep down the water to 100 meters or 330 feet. Related to the quality performance, it is simply similar to those three earlier reviewed watches. However, the major difference is in the design which many people somehow have different interest. Then, this is simply another design choice you may have a look. Whichever you feel more exciting above, you can go for that.

5.Marathon by Timex Mid-Size Watch

The last best digital watch for women is this Marathon watch. This is a brilliant construction for not only quality but design. The watch is made in USA, and it comes with extremely high quality standard. You surely can rely on its quality. In addition, it has many features to offer a perfect service related to time. For one, it features the stopwatch at up to 24 hours. Another two important things are the two time zones and daily alarm. These are seen to be quite useful for many people. Related to the display, it is digital display with Quartz movement. The watch basically is nice, durable and light while it comes along the resin case for style and protection. It has, additionally, the buckle strap to ensure that you have a comfort fit. Unlike the rest above, this watch is water resistant but only deep down to 50 meters. You can wear it and swim but dive or snorkel.

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