Best Cheap Basketball Shoes for Men 2017- Top 5

Cheap basketball shoes do not always necessarily mean low quality. Many people who like basketball and do not want to spend much on the shoes and other accessories. Still, if they have enough experience with the items, they still could find certain very good quality basketball shoes to use. If you are among those and search for some best cheap basketball shoes, you have come right. We have spent days studying the available basketball shoes online, and as a result from our evaluation and review on many popular pairs with affordable price, we have finally found some satisfactory pairs which we are confident to recommend to you for consideration. As so, these top 5 best cheap basketball shoes have been brought up in the following list. You may go through and check all the designs as well as the brief reviews. Should you fall in love with any pair, you have no worries about the quality. It would be a reliable one.

1.adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Performance EM UP 2 is the first pair we strongly recommend. Generally, many find the design of the pair quite beautiful and attractive. The appearance of the pair is just awesome. For overall quality, this is extremely well made. It is, of course, from Adidas, and you know the brand has a high quality standard. Related to materials, textile and synthetic have been used mainly for upper part design while it has the rubber sole. These materials are great for breathability, cushioning and comfort for users while the rubber sole is so resistant to impact, making the pair very durable. Even more for the comfort reason, the cushioning EVA sockliner has been integrated. These make the whole pair very favorable. For price, it is not really expensive. Many find it affordable and happy with the reasonable price.


2.Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II is the second best cheap basketball shoes for men you may have a look. This pair is stunning for the design while the quality is surely among the best you could find on the market. To briefly review about the shoes, let’s start with the materials used to construct the pair. Mainly, for upper part, leather and synthetic elements are used while the sole is made from durable rubber. This makes the whole pair perfectly great for lasting use. In addition, this pair is quite unique since it has been added with the decoupled collar that allows ankle movement to happen well. Another nice thing is it has the breathe tech integration. That makes the pair very breathable, offering extra comfort for users. Likewise, it has the asymmetrical overlay. This nicely helps protect in a case of toe drag. It is these features that simply make this pair very favorable for many men who like playing basketball.

3.Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes

Thirdly, it is Under Armour Men’s Basketball shoes that we are confident you will be satisfied with the quality as well as its performance. The pair is stylishly made with synthetic material in addition to the rubber sole integrated. The pair is so lightweight while all materials are simply high in quality. This is so friendly to make your run during the match smooth while experiencing extreme comfort. For the same purpose, the pair has been added with collar foam, providing extra support to the ankle movement. Just like the earlier best cheap basketball shoes above, molded EVA sockliner has been added for more of comfort and support. Moreover, it has the one piece solid rubber outsole. This is a smart choice for durability of the whole pair while its herringbone pattern makes up a good traction for the pair. This is exceptionally well made, in brief.

4.Reebok Men’s Pro Heritage 2 Basketball Shoe

Second to last is the Reebok Men’s Pro Basketball shoe. This is another lovely pair of the best cheap basketball shoes for men you would be happy with. This pair is awesome for the popularity. So many people have tried the pair and become so happy with them. Mainly, the Reebok shoes are produced from textile and synthetic materials. The elements make the pair light, durable, and comfortable. These are very good qualities of a pair of the best basketball shoes. In addition, it has the rubber sole. This durable rubber material allows the pair to stand against impact well and last long for your wear. One more feature is the high abrasion rubber outsole. This is for extra strength and durability while its herringbone design makes up perfect traction. The last thing is the mid-cut design which is the support for more stability and balance.


5.adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Last pair of all is another Adidas Performance Men’s basketball shoes. This pair uses leather and fabric to make up his body part while it has a rubber sole for the shoe bed. Comparing to the rest of the shoes in the list, this last pair has a different design since it is a high-top basketball shoes type. This is also among the popular choices for those who like basketball matches. About the appearance, this basketball shoes are extremely beautiful while well made. In addition to the quality, the design has the perforations. This is to make a good ventilation system, offering breathability and comfort for users. Even more for the comfort, it has Cloudfoam sockliner and midsole. That makes the pair light and very cushioning. The grippy rubber outsole is another good choice of the pair construction. The traction is good while durability is achieved.

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